Düsseldorf: Parkour-Park in Garath: Diese Jungs springen ...

The Morning Watch: Stuntmen React to ‘Casino Royale’ Parkour, ‘Scooby-Doo’ Gets a ‘Riverdale’ Makeover & More

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Casino Royale Parkour Sequence. Daniel Craig insisted on doing it all himself, with no CGI.

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Making of Casino Royale Parkour Chase

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Making of Casino Royale-Parkour Chase (Ft.Sebastian Foucan)

lot of insight into freerunning here
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SPOILERS I kinda got a kick from watching Hardcore Henry. Some things stuck out at me though. Fun things.

Immedeately upon seeing HH I recognized it was made by the Biting Elbows guys, whose fun short POV parkour video I watched a while back. I thought it was kickass. The little fun tidbits like pausing off to gawk at girls' titties, little touches that really did it for me. I'm glad Ilya carried over the feel to the movie.
Now I'm Russian though I lived most of my life in the USA. But I can appreciate a good Russian swear and had fun with that too.
Some interesting thoughts I had while watching though. It felt like Ilya kind of grew up on things I grew up on. COD4 and American action movies. In fact during the final sequence all I could think of was the COD 4 mission in Prypyat. The Ghillie suit, the movement, checking corners, the shooting of bad guys as they arrive by SUVs... Hell he even in the movie he said they were in a hotel!
I didnt mind though. I liked the nonstop action punctuated with a gag here and there. Like the one with the horse. Actually made me chuckle.
The sequence where they jumped down the levels of the hotel reminded me heavily of Casino Royale parkour. Again not complaining.
What did the movie remind you of or make you think about?
P.S. the ending made it.
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What is the best opening to a movie? The bank robbery in 'the Dark Knight'? Or maybe the parkour chase in 'Casino Royale'?

Or maybe even the long opening of 'The Departed'? What do you think is the best opening to a movie? An opening that set the perfect tone for the rest of the movie, but was very compelling at the same time. An opening that made you very excited to watch that movie from the starting moments? What made it so good? What is epic? Action packed? Thoughtful? Smart? I want to hear your opinions in the comments. Please and thank you.
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This is a fun analysis of the parkour scene in 'Casino Royale' on its 10th anniversary

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Casino Royale - Parkour Scene

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African Rundown - Casino Royale -- Song from the crazy parkour scene in the beginning of the movie.

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Your favourite part of each James Bond Film

What is your favourite part of each James Bond film?
Dr No: The James Bond introduction in the Casino
From Russia With Love: Train fight
Goldfinger: Golden Jill Masterson
Thunderball: "I think he got the point'
You Only Live Twice: Quite a few, ranging from Little Nellie, to the Space Capsule scene (thanks to John Barry's score)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service: Ski Chase scene
Diamonds are Forever: The beginning search for Blofeld
Live and Let Die: A few, ranging from Bond Meeting Solitaire, the Crocodile Hopping, The Boat Chase
The Man With The Golden Gun: Bond vs Scaramanga ending
The Spy Who Loved Me: A few again, Ski scene, Pyramids scene, The Chase scene ending with underwater Lotus
Moonraker: The Flight Into Space scene (John Barry's score is fantastic)
For Your Eyes Only: The Mountain Climb scene
Octopussy: Haven't seen this in a while, but I remember a funny scene where Bond is giving flying lessons to an old lady
A View To A Kill: I guess the Eiffel Tower scene
The Living Daylights: The Plane Fight Scene
Licence To Kill: Bond Water Skiing, Truck End Showdown
Goldeneye: The Dam jump, The Sevenaya shootout, Bond vs Trevelyan
Tomorrow Never Dies: Motorbike chase
The World Is Not Enough: The whole of the intro is fantastic
Die Another Day: Bond gets his job back
Casino Royale: Black and White Intro, Parkour and Torture scenes
A Quantum of Solace: The Opera scene
Skyfall: Shanghai sequence
Spectre: Intro Tracking Shot
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Competing with Hypixel

I know I know, it is not for now but with the memes community behind us and as it is a Reddit Minecraft server, we can have a partnership with a ton of other subs, so with all of that in mind, I'm sure that in future years we might be able to compete with hypixel.
This is my plan:
First, you log in to a lobby, a circular, well decorated, and with a ton of easter egg map. All around you have multiples NPC's connecting you to the actual game mode you would like to play. The concept would be that all the different servers/game modes would be interconnected and would give you points on your character synced everywhere
Future Gamemode Available:
The website is currently in creation, it will consist of a main website and a forum for interaction and patchnotes, a store will probably be open and all the players that will have played at least once before august 1st will all receive a Beta Badge on their character
If you have any ideas or would like to participate, do not hesitate to contact u/austind9999 , me (u/babar77) or any member of the staff team on the discord Here is a link for reminder https://discord.gg/WugjYq
Dont forget that this a a huge project and it is still in progress so we appreciate all your comments and suggestions
Have fun everyone
EDIT: Also I am building an extensive network infrastructure behind the server, it will be hosted physically on more than 40 servers around the globe, assuring redundoncy and the best ping for everyone, no matter where you are on the planet. And with no possibilities of overload, crash due to hardware or even DDOS, it will be stable as a... table...?
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Bondathon 2020 : Casino Royale

8 years ago, in the leadup to the then new James Bond film, Skyfall, I watched and reviewed every Bond film (official and unofficial), in chronological order of release.
With the latest Bond film, No Time to Die, on its way (optimistically next April) and it being the last film with Daniel Craig as Bond, I figured I would try watching all the films again to see how my opinion has changed in the past near-decade.
There’s a slight tweak though. To make things a bit different, I will not be watching the films in chronological film release order but instead be watching it in order of release of the original Ian Fleming books that lends its title to each film. (The order of the films plus a deeply geeky explanation of where I have placed the later films that do not have Fleming titles can be found at the end of this post).
Other minor tweaks are that, since I am no longer an unemployed 22 year old who could watch 4-5 films a week, I will aim for 1 film per week and skip the unofficial films. If No Time to Die does end up coming out in April next year (and that’s a very big if) then I should finish all the films just before its release, but we’ll see.
So without further ado, the first film in this Bondathon is Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s first Bond film from 2006. It’s been my favorite Bond film for a while but I also haven’t seen it in a few years so it’s a good one to start out with...
It still holds up really well and went by much quicker than I thought, despite it being one of the longer films. The first third of the film establishes that we are watching a reckless Bond at the beginning of his career who needs to keep his ego in check, and also sets up why the villain needs to set up a poker game to win back money he lost. It’s a bit of a stretch but necessary for a faithful but modern adaptation of the novel. The poker scenes can obviously be confusing if you don’t know the rules but the film does its best to keep them relatively short, break it up with non poker scenes, and show the tension in the poker scenes so that you at least have a rough idea of who’s winning or losing.
Bond’s relationship with Vesper is my favorite part of this film, and that’s saying something considering some very impressive action scenes (parkour chase in Madagascar, Bond stopping a terrorist attack at an airport, the finale in the sinking house in Venice). Back in the late 90s/early 2000s the trend for Bond films was to star actresses that have box office pull (especially in America) but questionable talent like Teri Hatcher, Denise Richards or Halle Berry. In contrast, Eva Green, while talented and respected, was a relative unknown back in 2006, but her portrayal of Vesper put her on the map and made her the household name today. Her scenes with Craig’s Bond are always quick witted and it’s easy to see why Bond would fall in love with her. The dialogue does get a bit cheesy towards the end but overall she’s one of the most memorable characters in all of Bond.
I absolutely love the music in this film, even though the Bond theme isn’t that present. As this is Bond’s first mission and reboots/origin stories were all the rage in the mid/late 2000s (see Batman Begins, Star Trek, and X Men First Class a bit later on), we see Bond at the start of his career and picking up nuggets of what makes him Bond throughout the film, winning poker, getting his Aston Martin DB5, disobeying M to go with his instincts, until the very end of the film where we finally hear him introduce himself in his iconic way, and that’s when we hear a bombastic rendition of the film in full.
It’s funny to see what was considered advanced technology in 2006, just a year or so before the smartphone era. Bond has a Sony Ericsson phone with a very primitive version of a GPS, and snoops through a hotel’s security footage after going through a number of blu-ray discs. That’s always a danger with putting technology in films in this day and age when everything becomes obsolete almost immediately, but in this movie it’s few and far in between and is more of a gentle reminder of how long it’s been since Daniel Craig’s first Bond film rather than any distraction.
Ironically, despite this being “Bond begins” and missing elements like the Bond theme, Q, Moneypenny, it ends up being the only Daniel Craig film where Bond gets sent by M to go on a regular mission. It’s all “Bond goes rogue” or “This time it’s personal” after this as far as the Craig films go.
Overall, Casino Royale still holds up as perhaps my favorite Bond film (we’ll see how it fares after I’ve viewed all the other). It’s gritty, it’s tense, it’s emotional. It’s Bond without following all the Bond tropes.
***Deep geek zone: Order of films I'll be watching and explanation of where I have placed the non-Fleming titles
Basically I have scattered the 6 movies whose titles are not from the Fleming books throughout the list, mainly putting them after a Fleming title whose book/film with a similar theme or element, with the one exception of Skyfall which I just placed in the middle of 4 Connery films to split them up.
  1. Casino Royale
  2. Live And Let Die
  3. License to Kill - Bond’s American ally Felix Leiter loses his leg to a shark, like in the Live and Let Die novel
  4. Moonraker
  5. Die Another Day - Features an nobody-turned-rich English villain with deadly rockets/satellite as their weapon, like in the Moonraker novel
  6. Diamonds Are Forever
  7. From Russia With Love
  8. Skyfall - Just to split up all the two previous and two next Connery films. Also both From Russia with Love and Skyfall were filmed in Istanbul.
  9. Dr. No
  10. Goldfinger
  11. Goldeneye - Literally just because the title has the word Gold in it
  12. Quantum Of Solace
  13. A View To A Kill
  14. For Your Eyes Only
  15. Thunderball
  16. The Living Daylights
  17. The Spy Who Loved Me
  18. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  19. The World is Not Enough - Title is Bond’s family motto, which was mentioned in Majesty’s
  20. You Only Live Twice
  21. The Man With The Golden Gun
  22. Tomorrow Never Dies - contains scenes filmed in Thailand, like The Man with the Golden Gun
  23. Octopussy
  24. SPECTRE - final reminder before No Time To Die
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Join the unofficial RedditMC Minecraft server at mc.redditmc.com - Congrats on 1Millions

The server introduces a wide array of different gamemodes including:
Future Gamemodes:
Current Partners and community based on:
For more information visit:
Sub: redditminecraft
Forum: https://forum.redditmc.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/kUvpCx
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Hopefully helpful 7 days to die remarks/hints part 2

Since apparently last week’s 7 days to die thread was appreciated I thought it would be alright if I made another one this week. Only this time I had a week to write down my thoughts (often while playing 7days myself) so it became quite a monster post, but I’ve marked things in these categories (in order) to make it easier to browse: Temperature management, Food & Drinks, Brass, Mining, Weapons, Locations and Base Building.
Again if it comes off as backseat gaming or trying to guide the stream I apologize, but I’ll start at least with a big reveal this time. To the point that I had to research and verify it myself because I couldn’t quite believe it myself since the wiki is sometimes outdated and it’s quite different from the previous versions.
Temperature management
It might seem like some sort of bad prank, but I’ve tested it multiple times and asked around on the forums that verified it. And if someone can find something that contradicts this in config/buffs (under elemental debuffs) I would love to see it. But honestly imo to die from weather effects you have to actively try especially since the debuffs have no effect if you’re not using stamina like walking or sitting in a car.
Food & Drinks
Brass tacks and tax
Iron looks indeed a bit copper-ish: https://imgur.com/dBTtYNV.jpg
Coal looks like a black rock: https://imgur.com/dq8eHuO.png
Lead is somewhat grey and borg cube like: https://imgur.com/HvrtA7x.png
Nitrate is white and spiky: https://imgur.com/jUUahKu.jpg
The other location is a house with mushrooms being grown in the basement just south east of that hill. This house is in somewhat of a valley so you could take the long way around and follow the road or just simply park your vehicle just north of the hills and make a tiny walk to the house. Or just power through the hills with your vehicle. Here is a map that hopefully makes it all clear on both locations: https://imgur.com/8fN9J7s.png
Base building
About basebuilding to survive the blood moon I don’t want to say anything really about design. Because I feel like the fun in building that stuff comes having your own base designs. So here are some general things and maybe one fun idea.
I’ll finally end this monster post here, but it was a labor of love.And if anyone has any additional remarks please feel free to share. As shown in this very own post you can always learn new things.
Previous week’s thread: https://www.reddit.com/roosterteeth/comments/gspqnl/some_hopefully_helpful_remarkshints_on_the_lovely/
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Film Rankings with Explanations, Ratings, and Tiers

During quarantine, I've had the opportunity to rewatch every movie in relatively short succession. I've seen them all 2-10 times and have been a lifelong Bond fan. I enjoy every Bond film, even the "bad" ones, but I wanted to try and rank them. I used a scoring system to help me, but ultimately went with my gut (e.g. License to Kill MUST be better than The World is Not Enough). I thought a tier system of ranking was useful, because it really is splitting hairs to rank some of these. Feel free to critique my ratings, my ratings weightings, and opinions!

You could say I have too much time on my hands
Tier 7: The Worst
  1. Die Another Day: Best Sword Fight
- Why it's not irredeemable: For being the lowest ranked film on this list, it's not without its moments. Bond getting caught, tortured, then escaping from MI6 was interesting and novel. The ice hotel was neat, as well as the chase scene. I'll even defend the much maligned invisible car, as the Aston Martin Vanquish is quite a car.
- Why it's not higher: Personally, I think Halle Berry is a terrible Bond girl, alternating between damsel in distress and super woman as the plot demands it. Moreover, Graves and the plot in general is pretty cheesy and boring. Perhaps most damaging is the deadly serious tone of the movie, which doesn't even provide the fun and excitement Brosnan's films generally provide the viewer.
- Most under-appreciated part: The fencing scene is the best action scene of the entire movie. It's surprising it took Bond this long to fence, but seeing them go at it across the club was a blast.

Tier 6: Disappointing
  1. Quantum of Solace: Best Car Chase
- Why it's this high: The action is quite good, likely meriting the distinction of the best car chase in the entire series (the pre-credits sequence). Mathis is a good ally and it is sad to see him go.
- Why it's not higher: My biggest beef with Craig's Bond films is that they are too serious, so when the plot and script isn't top-notch, the movie watching experience is just kind of dull. Quantum of Solace takes a bold risk in making the first Bond sequel, but unfortunately it's just not that good. Greene seems like a rather pathetic Bond villain, and his henchman (the worst in the series?) ends up in a neck-brace after getting tripped by Camilla. Also, the shaky cam is distracting and exhausting.
- Most under-appreciated part: I actually thing the theme song is pretty good! Maybe I'm just too much of a Jack White groupie, but I think it rocks.

  1. Moonraker: Best Locales
- Why it's this high: I'm pleased to see Jaws making a return, as he is an amazing henchman. On that note, the pre-credits sequence with Bond and Jaws falling out of the plane is exhilarating. Holly Goodhead is a very good Bond girl, beautiful, smart, and competent. Roger Moore always does an excellent job playing the role with suavity and wit.
- Why it's not higher: Gosh it's cheesy. Particularly egregious is Jaws' love story. The theme song is terrible and Bond doesn't have any solid allies besides Goodhead and Jaws.
- Most under-appreciated part: They really go all out with the settings here. Obviously, space is pretty polarizing, but I think Bond clearly should go to space at SOME point during the series. In addition, Italy and Brazil were gorgeous views, while Drax's estate is magnificent.

  1. Spectre: Best Shooting
- Why it's this high: Rewatching this for the second time, I realized Lea Seydoux does a good job as the Bond girl, and it's actually quite believable she and James could work out, as she is the daughter of an assassin and can understand him (as Blofeld points out). Seeing Bond show off his marksmanship was quite satisfying, especially that one long shot during the escape from Blofeld's compound. Bonus points for Bond's DB10 and resurrecting the DB5.
- Why it's not higher: The fatal flaw of this film is making Blofeld Bond's adopted brother. How did Bond not recognize him? How is Blofeld able to keep himself secret from British intelligence yet every criminal worth his salt knows of him? The worst part is that it actually cheapens the plot of the other Craig movies. I believe the Bond franchise should stay clear from sequels from here on out. Yes, they can weave a great story if done correctly, but it's so much more difficult to make great sequels (e.g. Star Wars only made two worthy sequels in seven tries) than to do one-offs. As usual for a Craig film, Bond has little charisma (save for his surprisingly good rapport with Moneypenny) and little in the way of jokes to lighten the mood.
- Most under-appreciated part: The train fight scene with Dave Bautista is great! Gosh it was awesome to see them go at it, break through walls, and a priceless expression on Bautista's face when he knows he's done. Bautista is the first decent henchman since the 90s, so glad to see the series go back to this staple.

  1. The Man with the Golden Gun: Best Potential, Worst Execution
- Why it's this high: This Bond movie frustrates more than any other, as it has the potential to be an all-time great. Bond's debriefing starts off with promise, as it turns out the world's top assassin is gunning for Bond! For the first time in the series, Bond seems vulnerable! M makes a hilarious quip as to who would try to kill Bond ("jealous husbands ... the list is endless"). Furthermore, the legendary Christopher Lee is possible the best Bond villain, a rare peer of 007.
- Why it's not higher: Unfortunately, the movie opts to change course so that it's just Maud Adams trying to get Bond to kill Scaramanga. Goodnight is beautiful, but maybe the most inept Bond girl of all-time. They used a SLIDE WHISTLE, ruining one of the coolest Bond stunts ever (the car jump).
- Most under-appreciated part: Nick Nack is a splendid henchman, showing the role can be more than just a strongman.

  1. Diamonds Are Forever: Great Beginning and Ending, but Bad Everywhere Else
- Why it's this high: Is there another Bond with such a great contrast between the beginning/ending and everything in between? Connery shows his tough side, as he muscles his way through the pre-credits scene. Particularly good was the part where he seduces the woman, then uses her bikini top to choke her. At the end, Bond expertly uses his wine knowledge to detect something is amiss, then dispatches Kidd and Wint in style. Other cool scenes include Bond scaling the building to reach Blofeld and Bond driving the Mustang through the alley.
- Why it's not higher: This is one of the films that I find myself liking less and less over time. Vegas, and especially the space laboratory scene, just seem cheesy. Connery is officially too old at this point, and Jill St. John just isn't a very compelling Bond girl. I would've preferred to have seen more of Plenty O'Toole, but alas 'twas not meant to be. Leiter is uninspired as well. Having Bond go after Blofeld for the millionth time just seems tired at this point.
- Most under-appreciated part: Mr. Kidd and Wint are the creepiest henchmen in the Bond universe, but I'd argue they are some of the best. Their banter and creative modes of execution are quite chilling and thrilling.

  1. A View to a Kill: Best Theme
- Why it's this high: Is it a hot take to not have View in the bottom five? Let me explain. I contend Duran Duran's theme is the very best. The ending fight scene on the Golden Gate Bridge is actually one of the most iconic ending set pieces in the series. The plot is stellar on paper, as the horse racing part was a very Bondian side story, and the idea of an attack on Silicon Valley actually seems even more plausible today.
- Why it's not higher: It's self-evident that Moore is way too old for the part. Some parts are just mind-blowingly ridiculous, such as the fire truck chase scene through San Francisco and the part where Stacey is caught unaware by a blimp behind her. Speaking of Stacey, she may be beautiful, but she spends most of the movie shrieking whenever something goes wrong.
- Most under-appreciated part: The scene with Bond and Ivanova is cool (I always like it when he interacts with other spies) and quite entertaining how he fools her with the cassettes.

Tier 5: Below Average
  1. Octopussy: The Most Characteristically Roger Moore Bond Film
- Why it's this high: Maud Adams has great screen presence as Octopussy, and her Amazonian-like women are cool to watch fight. Bond's deft swipe of the egg was nicely done. On a related aside, I wish Bond films would emphasize Bond's intellect more, as it seems the 60s and 70s films would allow Bond to showcase his vast knowledge more frequently than he does today. Gobinda is a fierce henchman, while India in general is a cool location. The plot is realistic, yet grand (war-mongering Russian general tries to detonate a nuke to get NATO to turn on itself).
- Why it's not higher: This is the first Moore film where he simply was too old and shouldn't have been cast. Yes, it's too cheesy at times, most infamously during the Tarzan yell. Bond also doesn't use any cool vehicles.
- Most under-appreciated part: People tend to focus too much on Bond dressing as a clown, but the scene where Bond furiously tries to get to the bomb in time to defuse it is one of the tensest moments in the series. Moore's "Dammit there's a bomb in there!" really demonstrated the gravity of the situation (I get goosebumps during that part).

  1. Tomorrow Never Dies: Most Tasteful Humor
- Why it's this high: Brosnan really settles into the role well here. He gives the most charismatic Bond performance in 15 years or so. His quip "I'm just here at Oxford, brushing up on a little Danish" is an all-time great Bond line. Teri Hatcher is stunning as Paris Carver, delivering a memorable performance with her limited screen time. The plot is original and ages well, highlighting the potential downsides of media power, while Carver is an above average villain.
- Why it's not higher: Wai Lin is good for action, but the chemistry between her and Bond is non-existent. By the end of the movie, Pryce just seem silly (especially the scene where he mocks Wai Lin's martial arts skills). There aren't any good Bond allies, as Jack Wade doesn't impress in his return to the franchise. In general though, the movie has few things terribly wrong with it, it just doesn't excel in many ways.
- Most under-appreciated part: Dr. Kaufman is hysterical. At first, I thought "this is weird," but by the end of the scene I'm cracking up. I genuinely wish they found someway to bring him back for World, but c'est la vie.

  1. The World Is Not Enough: Less than the Sum of its Parts
- Why it's this high: According to my spreadsheet, this is a top 10 Bond film, while on my first watch on this film I thought it was bottom five. I think the truth is that it's somewhere in between. I like the settings, everything from the temporary MI-6 headquarters to Azerbaijan. Elektra is an all-time great Bond girl, with a nice plot twist and character arc. The glasses where Bond sees through women's clothing are hilarious. The sense of danger is strong, with everyone from Bond to M being in danger. The return of Zukovsky is a nice plus.
- Why it's not higher: I think two things really doom this film. First, Renard is totally wasted a henchman. The idea of him not feeling pain is a cool one, but he just seems boring and extraneous. I don't even think Carlyle acted poorly, he was just misused. Secondly, the ending (after Bond killing Elektra which is quite good) is rather terrible. The whole scene in the sub just isn't entertaining or engaging.
- Most under-appreciated part: I'm going to defend Denise Richards as Christmas Jones. Although no Ursula Andress, Richards is absolutely gorgeous and did not actively make Bond's mission more difficult, which is more than some Bond girls can say *cough Britt Ekland. In particular, I found her introductory scene to be quite memorable and convincing. Also, the Christmas quip at the end is quite cheeky.

Tier 4: Solid
  1. The Living Daylights:
- Why it's this high: Dalton brings a breath of fresh air to the franchise here. His more serious take makes for interesting movies that seem more unique than most. I'm happy to see this subreddit appreciate Dalton more than the casual fun does, but I wouldn't go as far as the Dalton fanboys and say he's the best Bond or anything like that. I do wish he got the role sooner and did more films. Moving on to Daylights, it's got a good intro for Dalton and good plot in general. Surprisingly, Bond's fidelity doesn't bother me one bit, as it actually makes sense that Kara falls in love with James by the end, given all they've gone through.
- Why it's not higher: The biggest reason is that the villain is just terrible. Whitaker seems silly and pathetic, a terrible contrast to Dalton's serious nature. I think Whitaker might be the worst in the series, and a Bond movie can't be great without a good villain. Also, Dalton doesn't have much charm and is abysmal at one-liners, which, in my opinion, IS a facet of the perfect James Bond.
- Most under-appreciated part: The Aston Martin Vantage is a beautiful car, and the chase scene across the ice is great! It's both exciting and funny! Not sure why people don't talk about this chase scene and this car more; it's arguably the highlight of the movie for me.

  1. Thunderball: The Most Beautiful
- Why it's this high: Thunderball used to be top five for me and here is why. The underwater scenes, the setting, the score, and the Bond girls are beautiful even to this day. Domino is excellent, while Volpe is a tour de force, oozing sexuality and danger. I think the underwater parts are interesting and novel, creating a staple of sorts for the franchise. The DB 5 is always welcome, and the jetpack use was quite cool for the time (and to some extent now).
- Why it's not higher: Some would say it's boring, while I would more generously admit the plot is slow. Furthermore, the theme song is all-time bad (apparently they could have used Johnny Cash!!!), and there is no great henchman for Bond to dispatch.
- Most under-appreciated part: Two plot ideas I liked a lot: Bond being injured and needing rehab, plus the part where all the 00s meet up and then are sent to the corners of the globe.

  1. Never Say Never Again: Guilty Pleasure
- Why it's this high: Rewatching Never for the third time, I was struck by how fun this movie is. It's exciting, funny, and fast-paced. Basically, it's a more exciting version of Thunderball, with better pacing and better humor. I think Irvin Kershner did a great job managing this star studded cast. Carrera is a firecracker as Blush, Sydow is a convincing Blofeld, and Basinger is a classic Bond girl. Connery clearly has a blast returning to the role, doing a great job despite his advanced age. If anything, this one might not be ranked high enough.
- Why it's not higher: The music is terrible. Normally I don't notice these things, but one can't help but notice how dreadful this one is. The theme is awful as well. I'd argue this is the worst music of any Bond film.
- Most under-appreciated part: The humor! This is one of the funniest Bonds, as I found myself laughing out loud at various parts (e.g. Mr Bean!).

  1. The Spy Who Loved Me: Best Intro
- Why it's this high: There's a lot to love about this one, so I get why this ranks highly for many. It is simply the best introduction, starting with Bond romancing a woman, followed by a skii chase, then jumping off the cliff and pulling the Union Jack parachute! The Lotus is a top 3 Bond car. Jaws is a superb henchman. Triple X was an excellent Bond girl, deadly, charming, and beautiful. Of course, Moore is charming and the locations are exotic (Egypt was a cool locale). If I had to pick one Moore movie for a newcomer to watch, it would be this one.
- Why it's not higher: The theme song is bad, and Stromberg is a below average villain. I also think the last 45 minutes or so of the movie kind of drags.
- Most under-appreciated part: The whole dynamic between Bond and Triple X is great. Whenever Bond movies show Bond squaring off against other spies (see View to a Kill, Goldeneye) it's just a pleasure to watch.

  1. Live and Let Die: Most Suave
- Why it's this high: Roger Moore superbly carves out his own take on Bond in an excellent addition to the franchise. The boat chase is my favorite in the series, and Live and Let Die is my second favorite theme. Jane Seymour is a good Bond girl, while Tee Hee and Kananga are a solid villain/henchman duo. Unpopular opinion: I find J.W. Pepper to be hilarious.
- Why it's not higher: The introduction isn't very good, as Bond isn't even included! The second climax with the voodoo isn't great. Bond blowing up Kananga has aged terribly.
- Most under-appreciated part: When Bond is visited in his apartment by M and Moneypenny, Bond rushes to hide his girl from his coworkers. Finally, when they leave and he unzips the dress with his magnetic watch is one of the best uses of a Bond gadget in the series, showcasing why Moore might be the most charming Bond of them all.

  1. You Only Live Twice: Best Blofeld
- Why it's this high: Just your classic, fun Sean Connery Bond movie. It was a great decision to send Bond to Japan for his first Asian visit, giving the movie a fresh feel. The ending set piece battle is potentially the best of this staple of 60s/70s Bonds. Tiger Tanaka is one of Bond's cooler allies. Pleasance killed it as Blofeld; when I think of Blofeld, I think of his take. In what could have been cheesy, he is actually somewhat frightening.
- Why it's not higher: The whole "we need to make you look Japanese" part seems both unrealistic (who is he really fooling?) plus surprisingly impotent coming from Tiger Tanaka who seems to be a competent and connected man otherwise. Honestly though, this movie doesn't have a major weakness.
- Most under-appreciated part: The fight scene with the guard in the executive's office is probably the best hand-to-hand fight in the series up until that point.

Tier 3: Excellent
  1. Dr. No: The Most Spy-Like
- Why it's this high: Nearly 60 years later, this film is still a blast to watch, due in no small part to its focus on the little things of being a spy. I adore the scenes where Bond does the little things spies (presumably) do, such as putting a hair across the door, or showing Bond playing solitaire while waiting to spring his trap on Prof. Dent. I also enjoy the suspense of Bond sleuthing around the island, while he and the viewer are completely unaware of whom the villain is until quite late in the film. It's easy to take for granted now, but this film established so many series traditions that were ingenious. My personal favorite is Bond's introduction at the card table: "Bond .... James Bond."
- Why it's not higher: The film just doesn't have the payoff it deserves. Maybe it's just a result of the time and budget, but from the point Bond escapes on, it's just mediocre. Particularly egregious is the "fight" between Dr. No and Bond where No meets his demise.
- Most under-appreciated part: Ursula Andress was a surprisingly well developed Bond girl, with a shockingly violent backstory (she was raped!). Obviously, she is beautiful and the beach scene is iconic, but I was pleasantly surprised to conclude she is more than just eye candy.

  1. License to Kill: The Grittiest
- Why it's this high: On my first watch, this was my least favorite Bond film, as I thought it was too dark and violent to befit 007. By my third time watching, I've decided it's actually one of the best. Fortunately, I don't have to go on my "Ackshually, Dalton did a good job" rant with this subreddit. I liked the wedding intro and the concept of a revenge arc for Leiter (although come on he should've been killed by a freaking shark). Also, Lamora and (especially) Bouvier are great Bond girls. Bouvier is both competent and beautiful, and it's great to see Bond choose her at the end.
- Why it's not higher: The theme song is atrocious, Dalton is so angry (dare I say charmless?) the whole time it's almost puzzling why Bouvier and Lamora fall for him, and Bond doesn't use any cool vehicles.
- Most under-appreciated part: Sanchez is actually a sneaky good Bond villain.

  1. For Your Eyes Only: The Most Underrated
- Why it's this high: I think Moore is a bit underrated as Bond. Yes, he was too old towards the end and yes, his movies were at times too campy, but he himself played the role admirably. He was the most charming and witty of all the Bonds, so by the time he got his first relatively serious plot to work with, he hit it out of the park. Anyhow, the climactic mountaintop assault is one of my favorite Bond action climaxes. Columbo is one of the best Bond allies, and the plot twist where he turns out to be good and Kristatos bad was well-done.
- Why it's not higher: The intro is just silly. Bibi's romantic infatuation with Bond is just ...er... uncomfortable?
- Most under-appreciated part: The theme song is a banger. What a chorus!

Tier 2: Exceptional
  1. Skyfall: The Sharpest Film (From Plot to Aesthetics)
- Why it's this high: One of the best plots of the entire series. The idea of an older Bond who had lost a step, along with making M the focus point of the movie, works very well. Seeing Bond's childhood home is also pretty cool. Bardem's take on Silva is delightful and a lot of fun to watch. Even the cinematography is a series peak, while Adele's them is excellent.
- Why it's not higher: One thing most Craig Bond films suffer from is the lack of a Bond-worthy henchman. Skyfall is no exception. More importantly, Bond girls are mostly irrelevant to the film. Yes, Severine is both beautiful and interesting, but she's scarcely twenty minutes of the film.
- Most under-appreciated part: Setting the new supporting characters up nicely. The Moneypenny backstory was well-done. Casting Ralph Fiennes as the new M is a great choice in of itself, but he also got a nice chuck of background story to help us going forward.

  1. Casino Royale: The First Bond Film I'd Show a Series Newcomer
- Why it's this high: Craig's take on Bond feels like a breath of fresh air. In particular, his hand-to-hand combat scenes are so much better (and more believable) than any other Bond. The parkour chase scene is one of the best chase scenes in the series. Le Chifre is an excellent villain, but, more importantly, Vesper is an all-time great Bond girl. The conversation between Vesper and Bond on the train is probably the most interesting of any film. Bonus points for Jeffrey Wright as Leiter and the Aston Martin DBS.
- Why it's not higher: There are hardly any humorous parts or much charm displayed by Bond in general. More importantly, the movie should have just ended when Bond wakes up in rehab. The rest of the movie feels confused and superfluous.
- Most under-appreciated part: The decision to change from chemin de fer to poker makes for much better (and understandable!) cinema. The poker scenes are the best of Bond's many gambling scenes throughout the series.

  1. Goldeneye: The Most Fun
- Why it's this high: Wow, rewatching Goldeneye I was struck by how entertaining the whole thing is. The opening jump is breath taking, the scene where Bond drives his evaluator around is hilarious, and Xenia Onatopp is a livewire. Sean Bean is a formidable villain as 006, and a great foil to James. Bond and Judi Dench's first scene together is amazing. Goldeneye feels like the first modern Bond, yet so true to the predecessors. Wade and especially Zukovsky are excellent allies.
- Why it's not higher: Simonova is a forgettable Bond girl. She's not annoying, unattractive, or acted poorly, but is just below average in most regards (looks, back story, chemistry with Bond, plot).
- Most under-appreciated part: the action is just so much better than any Bond before it

  1. From Russia with Love: The Best Henchman (Red Grant)
- Why it's this high: Interesting settings, beautiful women, and an engaging story make this a classic. I'm not the first to point out that the scenes with Grant and Bond aboard the train are some of the best in the entire series. Grant is one of the few villains who feels like a match for 007. Furthermore, the addition of Desmond Llewyn as Q was crucial and Kerim Bey is one of the better Bond allies.
- Why it's not higher: The helicopter scene should've just been omitted, especially when combined with the subsequent boat chase. It's just awkward to watch.
- Most under-appreciated part: The gypsy scenes are quite exotic and entertaining.

  1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service: The Most Heartfelt
- Why it's this high: James and Tracy's love story is charming, and when she dies at the end, this is the one and only time in the entire series where the viewer feels genuinely sad. Diana Rigg did an excellent job convincing the audience Bond could finally fall in love with one girl. The skiing scenes were beautifully filmed, and the score was exemplary. Personally, I quite liked Lazenby's take; however, some of his lines and jokes fall flat. To his credit, he looks and acts like Bond more than any other actor.
- Why it's not higher: Honestly, it does drag at times in the first half, plus there is no theme song!
- Most under-appreciated part: Bond's Aston Martin DBS is a beautiful car, combining 60's sports-car beauty with Aston Martin's elegance.

Tier 1: The Best
  1. Goldfinger: The quintessential Bond
- Why it's this high: From the opening ("Positively shocking") to the seduction of Pussy Galore at the end, this film has it all. Goldfinger is an all time great villain, while Odd Job is an exceptional henchman. Connery delivers a master performance, and drives THE classic Bond Car, ejector seat included. The reason I put it #1 is not necessarily because it is the best film (although it is great), it checks all the boxes of what a perfect Bond film should do.
- Why it's not higher: I cannot think of any notable imperfections.
- Most under-appreciated part: The golf scene between Bond and Goldfinger is a delight to watch, demonstrating Bond's wits for the first and only time on the golf course.
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Casino Royale (2006) is a thematically faithful adaptation of Flemings influential novel, a masterpiece and the greatest James Bond movie ever made. Here is a comparison I made between the movie/novel & my thoughts on both of them.

Over the last week I read Ian Flemings first James Bond novel Casino Royale for the first time and later re watched the movie. Here are some thoughts on both, including a comparison of similarities, differences and the over all enjoyment I get out of both of these pieces.
Technical aspects:
Casino Royale (novel, 1953), written by Ian Fleming [27 short chapters, around 250 pages, depending on edition]
Casino Royale (movie, 2006), directed by Martin Campbell [144 minute runtime]
Before diving into further comparisons, there are two obvious, but also significant differences between the movie and the novel. The first being the time it is set in, both are contemporary to their release date. Meaning the novel is set in the Cold War whereas the movie is set in the 21 century. Because of the resulting differences in international relations historically speaking, you could transfer it (but you don't have to) to the second difference. Flemings novel is a political espionage thriller, whereas Campbells movie re-boot is basically an action movie.
The over all plot of the movie is very similar, nearly identical to its source material.
James Bond, a fresh 00, is set in a high stakes Poker game against Le Chiffre, a desperate (& near bankrupt) banker working for terrorist organizations. Bonds allies are Mathis, Felix Leiter & Vesper Lynd. Bond wins the money, Vesper & him get captured, following the torture, Le Chiffre being interrupted/killed by a member of a mysterious organization. After Bond & Vesper seek a happy life, the latter is confronted with her "real" identity/past & kills herself, leaving Bond emotionally broken & eventually cold.
As said in my first paragraph, Flemings novel isn't an "action" novel. There is an early assassination/botched bomb attempt in the early chapters (similar to the airport sequence) but it's nowhere near as action heavy as the movie, which follows parkour chases, knife fights & bus/plane explosions, stairway fights & the closing crumbling house set piece.
Narratively Bond meets his allies way earlier, in the movie Vesper & Mathis are introduced around an hour in, whereas in the novel already in the first few chapters, Felix Leiter is introduced very late in the movie and only after Bond is struggling in the Poker game. The whole Dimitrious, Ellipse stuff isn't in the novel.
Main characters:
- James Bond:
Bonds portrayal is very close to the novel. He's described as a very tough man, perfectly shown by Craigs physical appearance, his hard & masculine face & the early corporal fight scenes & chases. His attitude fits the source material. Bond is smart & charming, but he can switch of in any moment to being a ruthless killer.
- Vesper Lynd:
A big part of Vespers character in the novel is her beauty. There are long passages describing everything about her body & face. She certainly is beautiful in the movie, played by the gorgeous Eva Green. Yet in the movie she comes across as much more independent & aware. She's smart in the novel, but much more worthy in a psychological duel with Bond in the movie. In both the movie & novel she is a double agent, who got blackmailed & had to take this identity in order to save her boyfriend, but then fell in love with James.
- Le Chiffre:
Le Chiffre, in both movie & novel is a scary fucking dude. There still is something a bit charming about Mikkelsen presence though. He's described as considerably ugly in the novel, and basically as the epitome of evil. In the movie he comes across as more "human", desperation etc (make no mistake he's a vicious bastard, but he's not the devil).
- M:
The obvious difference is the gender swap in M. In the novel, Bond respects & in some way even fears M. The Bond/M relationship of Flemings books never really translated onto the bigger screen (it's tough to find someone intimidating against the charisma of Connery to be fair) so the change is an interesting touch. While he certainly respects Judi Denchs M, there is more slick and clever dialogue coming out of the conversations.
The Poker Game:
The Poker game in the novel, as basically all of it, is set in France, whereas the movie jumps around Madagascar, the Bahamas, Venice & Montenegro, the latter being the setting of the poker game.
Also, in the novel they play Baccarat, which was very popular at that time, in the movie they play Texas Hold 'Em, which (surprise) was popular in that time. The game itself is similar structured, back and forth until Le Chiffre wins a big one and Bond is in huge desperation but comes back in the last round winning all of it (with the help of Felix Leiters money).
In both movie & novel, Le Chiffre tries to prevent/"attack" Bond during the last hand. In the movie he gets poisoned, which nearly causes him to pass out. In the novel, he is directly physically threatened by a bodyguard of the Le Chiffre with a gun under the table/chair.
Remarkable similarities:
- Practically the entire torture scene is directly taken out of the source material. Bond gets stripped naked and tied up to a chair, then punched to the balls multiple times until the near pass out. Only difference is that in the movie Le Chiffre uses a rope, in the novel it is a carpet beater.
- Some dialogue & lines are extracted out of Flemings novel. Such as the VespeMartini order.
>Three measures of Gordons, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?
Or the iconic line.
>The bitch is dead.
Other differences:
- The whole Mathis alleged double cross plot point only appears in the movie.
- Vespers double cross, signaled by her seeing the man with the eye patch is left to a good bye letter in the novel that Bond reads after she'd poisoned herself. In the movie, she gives the man with the eye patch the money briefcase and after the shoot out in Venice, she traps herself in the elevator and drowns in the crumbling house.
- In the books, the mysterious organization is SMERSH, a russian anti spy organization. In CR it is still unnamed, though in the later Craig films revealed to be SPECTRE.
- The book ends very depressing as her betrayal letter is the last thing. The movie ends on a higher note with Bond capturing Mr White & ending the movie in his iconic introduction lines.
I have certainly missed a ton of differences of both, but I feel like I have done enough to highlight most of them. Here are some of my personal thoughts:
The novel:
I had a ton of fun reading it for the first time. It's certainly colder & much more serious than a lot of James Bond movies but I liked that it felt more grounded and had espionage instead of thrills. There is a lot of political subtext added by Ian Fleming that reflects on the cold war and on spy agents themselves. It also features some great insight on the Poker game as Bonds mind is on full display with mathematical & stochastically relevant information throughout every hand. I think it ends on a very depressing and sad note, setting the tone for the character to come.
The movie:
I have always considered Casino Royale to be one of my favorite movies of all time. I think it's head and shoulders above every other James Bond film and every time I watch it I discover new things I love about it. The way the movie starts, with the cold blooded double-O earning in a noir fashion, then goes over to the gorgeous credit sequence with so much ingenuity sprinkled across it, is amazing. I'm also amazed by the action the movie has. The Parkour chase has some terrific stunt work & innovation. Or the airplane sequence is packed with enormous tension and suspense. Or the closing Venice shoot out is packed with bad ass moments by Bond. A lot of my love for the movie also comes from the cast. It does contain my a.) favorite Felix Leiter (played by Jeffrey Wright), b.) favorite Bond girl (Vesper Lynd by Eva Green), c.) the best M (played by Judi Dench) and one of my favorite Bond villains (played by Mads Mikkelsen, who is as terrific as ever). Martin Campbell has rock solid directing, focussing on the great stuff of the source material and just like in GoldenEye knowing how to introduce a new Bond & a new way of Bond into the franchise. Daniel Craig is relentlessly amazing. He has the charms, he definitely has the looks, he is believable in the kills, he has a soul, he has a heart, he has emotion. Only Connery is better. The movie also looks gorgeous. Not only its vast settings of exotic locations, beautiful women, high class restaurants, cafes or hotels, pieces of clothing and so on, but also its sharp image and cinematography, by Phil Meheux is astounding. Despite being literally written by three people it also contains some ingenious dialogue. Especially the Bond/Vesper interactions flow so crisply and soft. It's a joy to watch every second of it and I could be talking about it for hours.

All in all, Casino Royale is a great novel and in my opinion, an even greater movie which is a faithful adaptation but also adds many layers and new things to it, knowing that it already is part of a 20+ movie series and therefore adding nostalgia, references or treating its timeless main characters legacy with honor and self reflection.
What do you think about Casino Royale, both the novel & the movie?
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A Serious Critique of Billie Eilish's "No Time to Die"

I'm pretty let down by Billie Eilish's "No Time to Die (NTTD)" release. I've given it more listens than I care to admit to understand why and was still reluctant to share this review when I wrote it yesterday. But I changed my mind to share a serious critique of the song. I had to make a separate post in order to accurately convey my points about this song.
In this, I'm comparing it to title songs released during the Daniel Craig-installments as I'd find it unfair to compare more modern releases to classics. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to say this is the worst James Bond song ever released. There are certain issues with other Craig-era releases, but let's keep the scope around NTTD. I will, however, cite Monty Norman/John Barry's iconic 007 theme because it's the musical constant to every James Bond film and is reproduced for modern scores.
I will admit the piano melody that permeates through the song is hypnotic and introspective. That garnered a thumbs up from me. I expected Billie Eilish and her co-producebrother Finneas O'Connell to add beats and signature ASMR inflections to the NTTD production. What a sigh of relief this was never indulged. The song is good in terms of making a major attempt to write music in the veins of James Bond. I would argue that Muse's "Supremacy" and Radiohead's "Spectre" (all released during the era of Craig, for those who have not heard them) should be considered great examples of how bands can get James Bond right, outside of a film's demands.
But onto the arguments.
Argument One:
Eilish's NTTD release lacks all the energy, charisma, or action that attributes 007. It's not memorable or even aware of the character it was made for. NTTD subverts the identity of James Bond.
Bond's complicated story does demand an introspective character study and we can argue that. The song imagines the depressing thoughts of a man facing grim revelations of the woman he loves and we can argue NTTD embodies this struggle. But this is the flagship song of the entire film. It ignores all the elements of what makes Bond a certified action hero that previous Craig-era themes held. To see him get depressed over a woman has already been done. Get rid of the bravado and you defeat what fans love most about the character.
Let's fast-forward. It's opening day and you're sitting in your movie theater seats ready for the film to begin. Now, I won't assume to know how the cold open of NTTD (film) will begin. But its four Craig predecessors make absolute use of an action sequence. So I will assume NTTD (film) will start off the same. If Bond is truly in retirement as the ending of Spectre has us guessing, we'll imagine this scene is carried by actress Lashana Lynch's Nomi character.
This action sequence has surely got to live up to each of the cold open sequences to its predecessors. There was also something fresh and new the viewer could take in (a parkour running sequence, a massive city parade done in a single take) or something that shocked and surprised us (double MI6 agents or Bond being shot and gravely wounded). Now imagine NTTD's cold open has surpassed viewer expectation and we cut to this thin dirge of a track. Snorefest.
I came across u/bahnzo's comment who described Eilish's NTTD perfectly. It's a slow burn to a burnout. Precisely my feelings. This is Bond's final outing as Bond! We want to be on the edge of our seats with all cylinders firing! "You Know My Name (YKMN)" brought us to the edge of our seats. We knew something good was about to transpire. At least "Skyfall" wasted no time burning the whole world down.
Argument Two:
Billie Eilish's NTTD is nothing but derivative of Sam Smith's "Writing's on the Wall (WotW)" and Adele's "Skyfall." (I'm aware of other arrangers/orchestrators collaborating on title tracks, but they'll be referred to as composites whenever I mention a singer whose name is stamped on the track.) NTTD also unabashedly steals - not refers - from the iconic 007 theme from Monty Norman/John Barry.
Let's start with the Norman/Barry. It takes two major cues - the signature horn phrase and the end guitar arpeggio (timestamp 1:00 and 3:50 in NTTD, respectively). They aren't reimagined. They're simply there to remind listeners they're listening to a Bond theme, not emphasize it. That's insulting to fans and casual listeners. Go back and listen to the other title track predecessors and you'll find that they don't need to rely on these musical cues in verbatim. You as a listener knew exactly who the subject was about. (If you listened to Muse's "Supremacy," you would've picked up clever nods to Paul McCartney and Wing's "Live and Let Die," and the jangly surf-guitar and ending arpeggio from the 007 theme. They're not stolen, they're redesigned for the modern listener.)
Now I mentioned WotW and "Skyfall." NTTD is weak in comparison because it doesn't feel like a Bond theme worthy of the Bond mythos. I'm not going to go into detail about the arrangement. They're all very similar, however NTTD's two predecessors ooze orchestral themes that scream Bond. I argue NTTD lacks that complexity. "Skyfall" reminds me of that big-band Sinatra suave we've known from Bond's early days as a film character.
But let's examine the derivative elements. First, "Skyfall." From 3:22-3:31 of Eilish's NTTD, you can hear her ad lib Adele's vocal style. It's awkward and forced. Compare that to Adele's vocal crescendo in "Skyfall" from 4:22 to the end. Adele's reaching for the sky and bringing it down. Eilish just considers the idea.
Now WotW. Listen to Eilish at 1:47-2:02. She sings a frail melody accompanied by a piano right before she shifts to the lyrics' title words. Where have we heard that before? Sam Smith does the exact same thing in his track from 1:28-1:58. How eerily similar. Let me emphasize that with what Eilish does right before this point. She attempts to build a crescendo from 1:34-1:47 in her track right before the dainty vocal/piano section. Sam Smith already did a big crescendo on his track from 1:15-1:27 before sinking into that light frailness earlier mentioned. Like Adele, Smith delivers. Eilish just wants you to know her nose is bleeding.
Seriously let's remind ourselves that Eilish just won a massive musical award and she still can't manage to distinguish her talent for a Bond song. Her writing plays it too safe for Bond's own liking. Is it dangerously close to theft?
Argument Three:
All of NTTD's predecessors hit Bond's themes with fury and grandiosity. WotW and "Skyfall" return to that big band DNA. "Skyfall" cleverly reimagines the world as a collapsing burning building, i.e. Bond's childhood home. Alicia Keys and Jack White's "Another Way to Die (AWtD)" (please hold your criticisms) capitalized on Bond's complicated role as a man in service of his country, a cold-blooded killer, a womanizer. It's as though Bond were a musical genre operating in a grey area. Is he rock? Is he metal? Is he electronic?
Chris Cornell's YKMN is still the ballsiest interpretation of Bond to date. Bond is brutal, cold, determined, but loyal at any cost. Any line in Cornell's lyrics will do. But Cornell sings, "Arm yourself because no one else/Here will save you/The odds will betray you/And I will replace you."
"I will replace you?!" Bond's profession is nothing personal to his enemies. It's just business as usual.
Eilish's take on Bond embodies too much of that lonely, damaged girl with a piano we've been hearing too much of today. You know, the same singers doing creepy renditions of songs for movies and TV trailers. (See Nouela, "Black Hole Sun," SHEL, "Enter Sandman," ConfidentialMX, "I Started A Joke.") Yeah, Eilish has got the dark mood right but still lacks any true understanding of James Bond.
NTTD's lyrics read like a juvenile's diary of losing love. At best, it's out of place because it reads more like an open letter to Vespyr Lynd, not Madeline Swann (as the movie trailers hint). But Bond has already played his hand of how he feels about her.
"Job's done. The bitch is dead," - in a phone call between Bond and M at the end of Casino Royale
This gets punctuated again when he abandons Vespyr's Algerian Loveknot in the snow at the end of Quantam of Solace. And if you still think he hasn't made his point, there's the Secret Room scene of Spectre. Bond is going through a series of videotapes and comes across one labeled "Vespyr Lynd - Interrogation." Madeline Swann looks at him as he paused at the words. "What is it," she asks.
He tosses the tape into a pile. "Nothing," and walks away, never seeming to give it a thought in the film ever again. How much colder could Bond feel about this woman? How could he care any less? He has truly let her and her betrayal go. It's no use to him.
This song does beg the question: Does Vespyr Lynd's story continue to tie in with Madeline Swann and this new villain? I think we're beating a dead horse here.
But what's my point about Lynd? This song exists in Bond's past. He's not likely to roll over about another woman betraying him. The film is seizing on the young singer's current stardom and comes up short with results.
Think about Johnny Marr and Hans Zimmer's involvement in the song. I was very much excited to hear about Marr. I thought this is it! Marr will deliver a heavyweight guitar riff to bring us to the edge and perfectly underscore our superspy. Instead, we get Marr replicating the piano melody. Sure, he adds weight to the measure but never does his guitar get to take on a life of its own.
What a waste to hear Marr's guitar was limited to a forgettable four to five notes. I'm a musician. I can play guitar. I would've played that for free.
Plus, the mixing between Marr's guitar and the signature Bond chord at the end doesn't even match. Feels more like copy and paste at the sound producer's desk.
I assume Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell didn't need Johnny Marr or Hans Zimmer to write this song. I'm happy for the attempt, but even this song still has more Billie than Bond DNA. After all, a press release stated Hans Zimmer was there to fill in gaps.
I still see gaps.
Without the lifts from Norman/Barry, this was a song is a boring, juvenile take on Bond. I would rank it at the bottom between AWtD and WotW. Again, the song itself is a slow burn that burns out. We've already seen Sam Smith take on the depressing theme. Eilish is just beating this dead horse. What a waste of a musical sendoff for Daniel Craig. It lacks teeth. It lacks danger. It's just Billie Eilish copying Sam Smith copying Adele.
Imagine mom and dad took their showers individually before Billie's turn to get in. All that hot water you expected to rush in is now lukewarm.
Thanks all for reading. I look forward to additional discussions.
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What are some good chase scenes with nontypical vehicles, like skateboards or bicycles?

Every action movie worth its salt has a good foot chase, car chase, motorcycle chase, or spaceship chase. Sometimes they throw in a helicopter or something for fun. But I can think of very few exceptions where they use something else. A horse in True Lies, parkour in Casino Royale, Skiing in one of the old James Bond films that I can't recall. How cool would it be to see Tom Cruise chasing some skate punk hacker grinding down railings or Jason Statham bicycling through Amsterdam, or hang gliding over Rio.
Edit: Apparently there are lots of great examples and I'll have to do a YouTube binge later! Thanks and keep 'em coming!
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007 The Series

007 The Series

Brief Synopsis:
MI6 agent, James Bond, earns his 00 agent license to kill and becomes the infamous 007.
Create a streamlined episodic presentation of the Daniel Craig 007 era films. Each film will be broken up into 40-45 minute episodes with a focus on the espionage action.
Release Info:
Available Now
6mbps 5.1 MP4 files

Episode 001 – Ellipsis +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Cold intro of Bond earning his 00 license (removed fade in, now hard open) +Created background and mask to remove the barrel effect when Bond shoots the informant -Cut to black removing the Casino Royale intro/song (this is my favorite Bond song and one of my favorite rock songs, but in this format it just doesn’t fit) +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card Open on boy running through the camp -Trimmed the over the top parkour scenes, now Bond is just chasing him on foot through the vegetation, worksite and road -Trimmed a little bit of M going off -Trimmed Bond & Solange to just focus on moving the narrative and plot forward -Trimmed M’s agitated cursing at Bond when he calls at the airport, is transfered to her then hangs up. The majority of her character is just bickering and I wanted to make her more than a disgruntled head of MI6. Hopefully it helps her natural transformation into the more supportive sympathetic role she will take in the third episode. -Cut Bond falling off the truck and then chasing it down and jumping back on. Now he never falls off Episode ends with close up of Bond’s face after Carlos activates the charge that Bond places on his belt +Custom credits (directed by, story by, actor names, studio credits, etc.) +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation and lessen yellow hues
Episode 002 – Casino Royale +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Opening sequence after M walks away from Bond after their conversation at Solange’s home +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Trimmed some of Vesper and James’ dialogue after sizing each other up on the train -Removed James’ line about Vesper being single, it now cuts away after he says she’s not his type End of episode after Bond returns and announces that last hand nearly killed him +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation and lessen yellow hues
Episode 003 – Vesper +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open with final round +Added Bond opening after James tells Vesper he’s famished +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Cut Vesper and James talking about his little finger cringe -Cut Vesper and James horn dogging in the hospital -Cut Vesper and James in bed in Venice -Cut James calling Vesper a b**** when M asks if he needs time End of episode after Bond introduces himself to Mr. White +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation and lessen yellow hues
Episode 004 – Deception Point +Warning +FE Netflix bumper -Cut zoom in and artistic shots of Bond and car Cold open on Bond shifting into gear -Cut to opening credits after Bond opens the trunk to reveal Mr. White +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Trimmed M and Bond’s dialogue when they are reviewing the double Mitchell’s room Episode ends with Bond walking away from the flight attendant at the airport +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper
Episode 005 – Quantum of Solace +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Cold open on Bond arriving to see Mathis in Italy -Cut to opening credits after Mathis asks, “Come to apologize?” +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Cut bond sleeping with the Strawberry Fields -Removed kissing sound when Bond leaves Fields at the party so now it could just be him whispering to her -Cut Greene talking about Camille being spectacular when she’s on her back -Cut Camille cursing as they walk out of the club -Trimmed the poorly layered double mirage like shot of Bond and Camille walking through the desert -Cut some dialogue between the president and the general -Cut Greene’s reference of how the president would wake up if he didn’t sign -Cut the closeup of the the president aide’s upskirt when she’s on the bed -Cut Bond kissing Camille after she says she wishes she could set him free End with Bond walking off into the night +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper
Episode 006 – Phoenix Agent +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open on Bond walking up hallway (no horn crescendos) +Added Istanbul title on screen -Removed Eve’s lines about VW Beatles -Cut to intro after Bond fades out into the water after being shot; Added underwater waterfall sfx smooth transition +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Cut Bond lover scene and his scorpion drinking game; now jumps to him at the bar during the day when he hears the broadcast -Cut M cursing on the bridge as she exits the car -Cut Bond responding b**** when psychologist says the name “M” -Cut references and Q’s explaining to Bond’about the palm recognizer on his Walther PPK -Cut shot of Bond testing the palm grip on the Walther PPK while in the car Cropped a shot of Bond hanging from the elevator to remove the CGI superimposed hands from the frame. The idea is to simply remove the focus from his hands not being in gloves. Cropped and shortened shots with gloves to take emphasis off of his hands -Removed scene of Bond disappearing after Severine sees him from the other skyscraper +Inserted the ending theme from Casino Royale to create a musical ending to the episode End episode after Bond retrieves the Macau token +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation, remove excessive yellows, increase red in skin tones
Episode 007 – Concomitant Factor +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open on aerial shot of London; rebuilt surround track to make opener more seemless; added typing, glitch and slot machine sfx +Added intro after M completes her call -Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Removed Bond saying he didn’t order Eve (again, I want to make Bond less of a sex crazed agent) -Removed Bond trying to undress Eve -Removed Silva’s advances on Bond, again this is to help the characters stay focused on espionage -Removed Silva shooting Severine. It’s now implied that Bond saves her +Added Severine in the background when Silva backs away from Bon after he takes out his henchmen Cropped shot to remove visual of Severine dead from when Silva looks up at the helicopters -Removed the pan back down to eliminate the need to do a massive zoom -Removed some of Q’s cursing End of episode on Bond looking into the basement ladder way +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation, remove excessive yellows, increase red in skin tones
Episode 008 – Skyfall +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open with Bond climbing down the ladder after Silva -Cut to intro after Q responds, “I told you” +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Removed the man’s line about Bond being keen to get home after he jumps onto the back of the train -Removed M’s cursing when they arrive at Skyfall -Removed Kincade calling Bond a little $4!7 End of episode at final scene of movie +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Color correction to increase saturation, remove excessive yellows, increase red in skin tones
Episode 009 – Rogue Agent +Warning +FE Netflix bumper -Removed The Dead Are Alive intro Cold open with Bond on rooftop listening in on conversation +Added Mexico City title on screen +Added translation subtitles -Cut last shots of helicopter and Bond looking at the Spectre ring -Cut opening sequence +Inserted first 20 seconds of the Quantum of Solace intro/song and added episode title card -Removed Q’s “oh sh*&” line -Cut Bond looking at the gadget panel in the Aston Martin +Added Roman cicadas to outside scenes when Lucia arrives home and when Spectre attempts to kill her Repurposed Lucia’s later lines about where Spectre is meeting as to have her deliver the lines while Bond is standing there. She now tells him, he says “time for a drink” and transition to him driving to the meeting -Cut Bond and Lucia’s sex scene +Added translation subtitles during Spectre meeting scene -Cut Hinx gouging out the man’s eyes -Cut James turning on the music on the gadgets -Cut Bond taking off the top of a car and Hinx following him down the alley -Trimmed car chase scene to remove the silly part where he gets stuck behind the driver and Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper +Extensive color correction of every scene Applied masks throughout to isolate colors to enhance or diminish their tones while retaining the intended color of the scene.
Episode 010 – For King and Country +Warning +FE Netflix bumper Open with Money Penny reviewing files about Franz Oberhause -Cut Madeline and Bond’s sex scene after killing Hinx +Added dialogue to scene where Madeline and James get off the train +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper +Extensive color correction of every scene Applied masks throughout to isolate colors to enhance or diminish their tones while retaining the intended color of the scene.
Episode 011 – Spectre +Warning +FE Netflix bumper -Cut the portrait scenes as James walks through the ruins of MI6 looking for Blofeld +Bond theme from Casino Royale ending used as episode credit music +FE Netflix style bumper Extensive color correction of every scene Applied masks throughout to isolate colors to enhance or diminish their tones while retaining the intended color of the scene.

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Anyone else have trouble choosing between Casino Royale and Skyfall? I feel like both films are masterpieces in their own right.

Just watched Casino Royale today for the first time since I had the DVD a good 10 years ago, and my goodness gracious it's aged better than my family's wine cabinet.
Fantastic direction, perfect pacing, a grounded, unique villain featuring a thrilling game of poker, the torture scene, the train exchange, every single second of dialogue between James and Vesper, the origin if James' relationship with M, the nuances of seeing a young, naive Bond on one of his first missions, that incredible parkour chase scene in the early half...Jesus, this film fucking rocks!
I've noticed that Skyfall has gotten a bit of a bad rep from certain people online - some of which, I'm assuming, is because of how faithfully people on YouTube and other outlets have compared it to Casino Royale, and I personally don't find it warranted.
I find that both films are set out to do much, much different things - and do them exceptionally well. In the case for Skyfall, that's the near-full circle character development for Bond introduced by Casino Royale: taking a strength from a predecessor and capitalizing on it. Craig's Bond in Skyfall is so refined, yet so damaged. He's virtually on a pendulum of emotions parallel with the level of stakes in the plot. It makes the whole movie flow with an incessant uncertainty, and every time I rewatch it that thrill ceases to escape. (It also helps that Javier Bardem was incredible here, and that his character virtually realized how much of a psychopath he was but just shrugged it off.)
I love how Skyfall's like a dark espionage thriller with masterful cinematography, where every scene is heightened by the direction but also by how carefully it ups the ante. I love how the action sequences capture the practicality of the Connery films (even the Home Alone climax, which I found a lot of people hate). I love how defeated and hopeless Bond comes off at first, before gradually regaining his confidence. I love how M's arc in relation to her paternal reach with Bond gets a proper, bittersweet crescendo. I love the new, modern approaches to Q and Moneypenny. I love how Silva almost tearing Mi6 apart helps establish a world of possibilities for Spectre (which dropped the ball all the way through the floor).
Skyfall is like a drawn-out season finale, with Bond's world and the ones closest to him on the brink of extinction. Casino Royale doesn't have those stakes, and feels a lot different tonally for that. I think we also have that movie to thank for why we even care about what happens in Skyfall.
In Casino Royale, we don't know who Bond is yet, so the decision to subvert expectations and reboot the character the way they did is daring, but incredibly endearing - especially when the third act comes around, and you can see the withdrawal. He's so close to giving it all up right when he's just getting his feet wet as a high-level secret agent, and that's always been my biggest takeaway from the Bond-Vesper dynamic. This film is amazing on so many levels, but it's impossible for me to ever ignore how it perfected the romantics of the book it's based on and the Bond universe as a whole.
IMO Casino Royale is a rich character study that just so happens to be a fantastic Bond movie in every sense of the word. It's more of a drama than any other Bond film I've seen, and that works to its advantage because its dickensian approach to a typical espionage mission is so captivating and arresting.
Skyfall does what none of the other Craig-era films did, and that's cement a sort of timelessness that has helped the Bond movies retain its appeal: mixing modern, action thriller tropes with a touch of 20th century flamboyance that harkens back to the classics. I also don't think it gets enough credit for finding a fittingly cathartic conclusion to a serialized arc.
I'm curious what you guys all think about these films in relation to each other. I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on Skyfall especially, since I've heard (and watched) a lot of various things about it.
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~300 codes: Modes and Aim Trainers

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to having too many Codes, there is another part:

Hero Ideas and Cool Mechanics

If you enjoy a mode, go to the original post for it and leave a like or a comment. :)

Fun Modes

- RB60V - Chase the Rabbit - u/Canazza

- M16HB - 2 Heroes at Once Mayhem - u/NiergerInChat BASED ON u/Hawaiian_spawn

- GR5KN - Last Man Bouncing - u/JinkoNorray - u/olipoulihot

- Z0T1N - MEKA Force vs Omnic Kaiju - u/Vektunaxa

- 469F7 - 3 Phase Boss Battle - u/AnEnemyChampion

- 357CM - One Night at Genjis - u/DavgnzYT

- R76DB - Don't Touch Lava - Numbani - u/Gemster312

- FYHK1 - SCP: Survival Protocol: 76 - u/trappi

- Y7HAM - Star Fox 64 - u/Ghibliomatic

- DKH54 - Different Smash Bros - u/spoopyghost_1

- P3DNC - Multiplayer Flappy Pharah (Flappy Bird) - u/Thriver9

- 22YGP - Big Hammer, Little Hammer, Juggernaut FFA - u/JackTheTickler

- XM98R - Dead by Daylight - u/Groodion

- B73W3 - Spies vs Mercs: (Splinter Cell) - u/Chehtan

- 91S7E - Quidditch - u/frank_n_sam

- WGB80 - Lucioball - u/blaking-707

- 15HW8 - Hammond Golfing - u/sphayes1

- PBJW4 - DOTAwatch 4.0: Busan - u/Starhunter99999

- SEQRG - Dwarf of the Hill - u/officialraider

- S4G52 - Dva Surprise: Demech into Random Hero with Ult - u/Miscreant53

- EPQ9V - Reinhardts Completely Absurd Hammer Slammer Arena - u/TheRedstoneBlaze

- TYHDN - Genji Tactical Sword-fight - u/Aleecx

- PV9D4 - Forum Doomfist 1 vs 6 - u/CoolUsername6969

- ZV0WC - Stealth KotH: All Heroes - u/Canazza

- 3G6XQ - Overwatch Casino - u/JaketheSnake094

- 0X8N0 - Steal the Crown - u/olipoulihot

- G2CJX - Lucio Bomb Tag - u/semtimmy

- MN787 - Screencheat - u/microcosm_ow

- X2HH9 - Weeping Angels (Mercy Mei) - u/Hogrid125

- A6736 - Rival System - u/Hypno--Toad

- 93A17 - Jetplane D.va Racing - u/Ghibliomatic MODDING u/DarkyPaky

- SF1R2 - High Speed: Gun Game - u/rbnsky

- Y1PWP - Hanzos Wild Tower Defense - u/TheRealPT0007

Training Modes

- WPB6T - Right Click Angle Finder: Zenyatta - u/Giacomand

- CAEHC - Warmup Mode - u/Gantz_01

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Pitch: Black Widow Movie as a psychological revenge thriller

Originally posted in fixingmovies a year ago. Updated with a few changes. The basic gist is the same, but multiple plot details were added, insisted by u/Evilux.
Many people want Black Widow film to be a superhero version of James Bond. David Hayter's 2004 script was written that way, which I heard was uninspired, and the film Marvel is currently working on seems like it is going to be exactly. However, as the novelty of spy adventure films has died down with the recent saturation with Kingsman, Mission: Impossible, Atomic Blonde, Jack Ryan, Marvel needs to do something different from the genre norm and their previous MCU films. Doing another spy action blockbuster like James Bond is not interesting as it would be in the early 2010s.
Since MCU at this point has built up considerably expansive lore, doing a smaller scale in-depth character-piece would make Black Widow standout from other superheroes. I propose a noir thriller movie akin to Collateral centered around Black Widow's past hinted in Age of Ultron. A detective story about Black Widow finding clues, getting chased, and following traces to confront her past with some shades of revenge theme with plenty of actions to retain marketability of the franchise. This could be rated-R due to realistic violence, but it could pass off as PG-13 considering Casino Royale was PG-13.
This hypothetical story was inspired by The Man From Nowhere (2010), The Bourne Supremacy (2004), Lady Vengeance (2006), Skyfall (2011), The Villainess (2017), John Wick series (2014, 2017), No Tears For The Dead (2014).
The film starts with the familiar Marvel logo sequence. After the logo, we see the Zemo's arrest from Civil War where Everett Ross mocks Zemo restrained in the cell. Ross asks Zemo how it felt to see his plan fail so spectacularly after spending so much time and effort. Zemo says "Did it?"
Then the movie shows footages from Captain America: Civil War* such as the terrorist attack in Vienna, The Avengers fighting each other in the airport, The Raft Prison, Iron Man fighting Cap, and the text appears alongside summarizing the plot of Civil War and explaining the aftermath in the similar style as the opening scene of War For The Planet Of The Apes.
The Sokovia Accords are a registration devised by the collective governments of the world to regulate enhanced individuals. If not complied, they were declared illegal and forced to retire. This led to the Civil War among the Avengers.
After the Civil War, the Avengers were divided and disbanded. The anti-Accords heroes accepted retirement, but Captain America and his partners refused.
Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow are still fighting off the last remnants of HYDRA―the massive terrorist organization founded on the belief that humanity could not be trusted with its own freedom.
This opening text helps the audience to understand that the story is set right after Captain America: Civil War but before Avengers: Infinity War since Black Widow's death in Endgame might confuse the casual viewers about the chronology.
The film opens with the Christmas festival held at night in one of the European countries which can be the UK or France. We see bearded Captain America disguised with casual clothing, following a target, a female Hydra agent wearing a hood to hide her face, walking among the crowd. Reveal: The target clearly knows she's being chased and notify to other agents through a small radio. On the rooftop of the building, the sniper, watching these two above, receives the notification from the Hydra agent and readies his rifle to aim at Cap. Right before the sniper is about to take a shot, someone ambushes him. The HYDRA sniper and the ambusher tussle on the roof where nobody can see them fight, which plays like the fight in Skyfall. The ambusher easily beats him down and kills him with a neck snap. This happens in the one long take in the style of the openings of Touch of Evil and Spectre.
The target realizes her friend got taken down. The target goes through the tight alleyway, far away from the festival. Her walking becomes running, and the following becomes a chase, but the target understands the geography better. She utilizes parkour to escape. She loses Cap and enters into a secret manhole in the alleyway. In the underground network where other HYDRA agents are hiding, the target smashes the alarm button which alerts the entire place and runs. The same ambusher killed the sniper breaks through the manhole and faces the HYDRA agents who just heard the alert. We now recognize the ambusher to be Black Widow, now dyed her long hair in blond.
She uses a silenced pistol, still loud, killing anyone stopping her way, and proceeds to clear out the whole claustrophobic HYDRA underground to chase the target. Like how The Winter Soldier portrayed Captain's raw strength as a brawler, this sequence shows Black Widow's agility and speed as a superspy. After taking out multiple HYDRAs and rushing towards where the target has gone, Black Widow is ambushed by the target still wearing a hood she has been chasing. The target is a female assassin similar to Black Widow. During the intense close-quarter fight, her hood is taken off, revealing her face. This disturbs Black Widow like the moment when Steve recognized the identity of the Winter Soldier. The brief flashback to Black Widow's the Red Room days, immediate rough transition. The background is the Red Room Academy with the nice interior, and both Natasha and the target are back to de-aged teenagers. Black Widow says "Yelena?"
The dreamlike vision is broken by so-called Yelena's knife-attack who took advantage of Black Widow's pause. She lunges her knife at Natasha's chest, nearly stabbing her. At that moment, Cap arrives and joins the fight. Since Cap has no shield at this point, he uses anything he can grab as a shield like a steel door and a chair. The target backs down and escapes. Cap and Widow try to chase her, but more HYDRAs swarm their way. Black Widow can do nothing but watch her escape.
For people who are not familiar with the source material, she is Yelena Belova), the character debuted in 1999. In the comics, her character was meant to become the new Black Widow, as Black Widow was no longer loyal to Russia and later became the second Black Widow. While I am not using the exact comic book canon, her counterpart in this story shares some similarities regarding the Red Room plot. I repurposed her as the secondary villain in the story. Picture her played by someone like Emily Blunt.
After the fight, the James Bondesque title credit sequence. They can embrace full campiness and go for a theme about spiders.
The title screen ends then we see a flashback. When Nat was about 10-year-old. She is hiding under the bed. From her POV, we see her parents getting murdered like the O-Ren Ishii's origin story from Kill Bill. Although we do not know Nat's parents, we can guess they were powerful figures, maybe politicians. We see the two legs. We do not see the murderers' face, but we hear the unforgettable whistle, singing a certain tune. The murderer leaves and the other man enters the room, discovering Nat under the bed.
Black Widow is clearly devastated by what she has seen, meaning HYDRA is connected to Leviathan, the secret Soviet agency that planned the Red Room, the military project young Natasha was forced to be a part of it.
Black Widow decided to go to Russia alone. Steve and Sam insist to go with her, but Natasha rejects the help as she sees this as a personal problem she must deal with herself as a survivor of the Red Room.
Natasha goes to her homeland Russia during a heavy snowstorm and searches for the original Red Room facility. She finds a clue to locate the Red Room Academy, but she is chased by the Russian police, who is obviously trying to arrest her for the illegal activities under the UN's Sokovia Accords. Do a crazy chase scene like The Villainess' motorcycle action scene.
She escapes the police and eventually arrives at the devastated Red Room Academy built in the Soviet era. Walking inside, she reminisces about her training. Here, you can go for Oldboy style seamless Evergreen flashback sequence, recreating the protagonist's tracks in his mind. As she goes through each room of the facility, her traumatic memories consume her mind. Right after the murders of her parents, Nat is conscripted as a 'Little Widow' (the element carried from David Hayter's script) for the Red Room. In the first day, she tried to escape but failed, which the entire escape turns out to be a part of the test, oversaw by Madame B, the woman played by de-aged Julie Delpy briefly shown in the AOU flashbacks, who trained Black Widows. Several training footages where she slowly grew to be the assassin. Nat and the other colleague were tested to gun assembly test, where the only one can survive. Those who failed tests being used as a guinea pig for the trainees to kill. At last, she was forced to go through the sterilization process, again, Madame B watching in front of her.
From there, she found another clue indicating the Red Room project did not end. There is a new Red Room project.
Before she leaves, she finds the Hydra assault team has surrounded the building. This sequence is comprised of two styles: At first, we see Black Widow's skills as a killer. Like the Predator, she plays a cat and mouse game and stealthy kills them one by one. In the latter half, she gets detected and a John Wick style fight scene ensues. She ends up eliminating the whole Hydra team but is injured. When she tries to leave the place, Yelena ambushes Black Widow and knocks her out. Black Widow lies on the snow and loses consciousness.
We see a brief scene where Captain and Falcon trying to locate Nat.
Black Widow wakes up and notices she is tied to the chair or something. She is somewhere deep in the HYDRA hideout. Here, Madame B reveals herself. She is now old, visibly aged. Here, we learn Hydra took over Leviathan after the fall of the Soviet Union and revived the Red Room for the new generation to produce the Hydra agents.
Natasha blames B for ruining her life, but Madame B says she made Natasha and even gave her the name of Black Widow. Her brutal training is the only reason how Black Widow survived all this time. Even after Black Widow was recruited to SHIELD, Madame B was still obsessed with Black Widow and tried to replicate her all these time but failed. For decades Black Widow was her finest work. Madame B talks about how Natasha is the perfect weapon and can never truly belong. She is no Russian nor American. She has no identity other than a killing machine. She was manufactured for that purpose. That was why Nat never truly picked a side in Berlin during the Civil War. Madame B thoroughly breaks down the fundamentals of her character as Black Widow. Natasha pretends she is not listening, but in deep in her heart, she agrees with Madame B. Madame B comments no one would come for her because, in the end, Black Widow was made to be alone.
Considering the current situation of HYDRA, Madame B says the Red Room is no longer viable. Madame B tells Yelena to retire Little Widows. Yelena complies. Natasha screams and tries to break out, but it won't budge.
When Natasha abandoned all hope, just waiting for her to die, Captain and Falcon show up. A not so subtle rebuttal to Madame B's comment about Natasha's belonging.
They carry her to Captain's hideout. Next morning Natasha regains her consciousness, but still unable to move all right. She asks how did they pass the border. Steve jokes no one noticed him because of his beard and no one knows or cares about Sam.
Natasha, furious, chooses to kill the Red Room by herself once and for all so no one suffers the same fate she has gone through. There should not be another Black Widow. Steve and Sam calm her as she is not even recovered from the injury. They tell her they will take care of it, advising her to take a rest until she is fully rehabilitated.
Later that night, Nat is awakened by the nightmare of suffering children. She approaches the mirror while everyone is sleeping. She starts to cut her long hair with the razor blade, similar to the haircutting scene from The Man From Nowhere and Max Payne 3. Natasha's hair is now short, explaining why her hair in Infinity War was shorter than her hair in Civil War. She leaves the hideout silently, making sure to not to wake Steve and Sam.
She finally arrives at the current Red Room facility. She encounters a messy graveyard full of 'retired' Little Widows. They were only teenagers. This fuels her lust for anger and revenge.
Natasha storms the facility. Do something like the finale for Cowboy Bebop. A gigantic one-man-army action set-piece, maybe memorable song accompanying the fight. We see the gunfight, then we see the brutally long up-close personal melee fight against the guards similar to the fight scenes from Oldboy, The Man From Nowhere and Daredevil. We witness Black Widow getting beaten constantly and the rabid dog sense of exhaustion with no way out, but her rage is so huge she fights at all costs to achieve her revenge. She manages to barely beat down all of them.
After killing all guards, she faces Yelena, stopping her way. Nat asks her why she has to kill the Little Widows. She answers nothing. One-to-one melee fight ensues like the last knife fight in The Man From Nowhere. Nat manages to stab a knife in her chest. Yelena falls.
She then finds the Little Widows, coming into the room, revealing they were not dead. It turns out Yelena disobeyed Madame B's order and saved the Little Widows, making the fake graves to hide the truth. Nat asks why did she save them. Yelena does not answer, only telling her where Madame B is before she dies. Her motivation is deliberately ambiguous, open for interpretations for the audience. She perhaps could not forgive herself for living as a Black Widow and wanted to die. Perhaps terminating the Little Widows was the final straw.
Nat takes a car and chases after Madame B, who is on the shuttle bus. Nat catches up to the bus, jumps into the bus, and crashes the bus.
Nat, basically half-dead now, finally has an axe over Madame B's head. Madame B compliments Natasha's skill, saying she was not a human just a moment ago. Madame B is proud of her and demands Nat to finish her arc as Black Widow. Natasha is hesitant.
Madame B starts whistling an eerie tune, the tune that was very familiar to Nat.
She raises her axe, and right before she achieves her vengeance, Steve and Sam intervene. They persuade Nat that if she kills her, it only proves Madame B is right and she will suffer for the rest of her life, unable to break the cycle of Black Widow.
Now, Natasha felt pettiness, no longer feeling hatred. She makes a decision. She throws away the axe. By disproving Madame B's words, she abandons her title of Black Widow, the identity of a manufactured killer, and chooses a life of Natasha Romanoff, a superhero.
Natasha Romanoff runs away with Steve and Sam. The police cars come to the scene. Madame B stays in the crashed bus, feeling defeated not because she got captured, but because she was proved wrong.
I think this is a solid outline for the Black Widow movie. Relatively grounded plot with dark themes. It is still jampacked with actions. No magical supervillain fight. Less CGI and visual effects. Smaller-scale and lower stakes but a more character-driven personal story to flesh out Black Widow as a character, building up her arc in Endgame.
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Casino Royale (2/10) Movie CLIP - Parkour Chase (2006) HD ... 007 casinò royale parkour scene - YouTube Parkour Chase  Casino Royale (2006)  James Bond 007 ... Casino Royale Parkour - Sebastien Foucan - YouTube Casino Royale Parkour Free Running Trailer XXL Casino Royal Parkour ¦ GTA Online ¦ Xbox One - YouTube Parkour from Casino Royal stunt double - YouTube Making of Casino Royale-Parkour Chase (Ft.Sebastian Foucan ...

There’s plenty of rollicking action in Casino Royale, but the parkour chase is the movie’s mic-drop moment, the definitive announcement that the 007 franchise will no longer have its milkshake ... Der Erfinder des Freerunning ist Sébastien Foucan, der vor allem als Darsteller des Terroristen in der spektakulären Verfolgungsjagd zu Beginn des James-Bond-Streifens „Casino Royale ... Parkour, das ist die Trend-Sportart, die vielen vor allem durch die spektakuläre Verfolgungs-Jagd aus dem James-Bond-Film „Casino Royal“ bekannt sein dürfte. Dort wird der Geheimagent über ... Video 3 von 5 zur Serie: Casino Royale - Clip Parkour Chase (English) HD jetzt anschauen! Casino Royale Movie CLIP - Parkour Chase (2006) You Motion. Follow. 4 months ago 23 views. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 6:00. James Bond CASINO ROYALE movie (2006) - Clip - Mollaka Chase ... Dieses Bild hat Filmemacher angesprochen, und Actionfilme wie The Bourne Ultimatum und Casino Royale bieten Action-Sequenzen mit einem ausgeprägten Parkour / Freerunning-Stil, der das weltweite Bewusstsein für diese Disziplinen fördert. Diese Vision von Parkour / Freerunning hat sich auch in Videospielen wie Assassin's Creed und Mirror's Edge gezeigt . Parkour ist Trend, besonders bei Jugendlichen. Seit dem Auftritt der spektakulären Parkour-Szenen in James Bond „Casino Royale“ ist dieser Sport auch den meisten Laien ein Begriff. Wir haben einen der erfahrensten Parkour-Athleten in Deutschland, den Sportwissenschaftler Markus Luksch zu diesem Thema befragt. Mit seinem Tracers Blackbook hat Markus ein Grundlagenwerk für Einsteiger und ... The parkour scene in “Casino Royale” is performed by a childhood friend of Belle’s named Sébastien Foucan, who has developed a parallel pursuit to parkour, called freerunning. Belle appears ... Parkour ist ein Sport, bei dem es im Wesentlich darum geht, die eigene Angst zu bezwingen, um auf diese Weise Dinge zu tun, ... In "James Bond: Casino Royale" war ein Profi zu sehen, der sich mühelos durch ein afrikanisches Hochhaus bewegte, während der Agent eher tölpelhaft folgte. Seit damals interessieren sich immer mehr Menschen für Parkour, doch gerade Einsteiger machen zu Beginn ... Im James-Bond-Film "Casino Royale" gibt es eine spektakuläre Verfolgungsjagd im Parkour-Stil; seitdem hat der Bekanntheitsgrad der Sportart noch einmal deutlich zugenommen. Vor allem Prellungen ...

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Casino Royale (2/10) Movie CLIP - Parkour Chase (2006) HD ...

a selected scene to the last movie of james bond casinò royale (007) parkour o Parkour nos filmes: Sebastien Foucan, um dos precursores do Parkour no filme 007 - Cassino Royale...não temos direito sobre as imagens, sons e etc. For all those friends who wanted to see some real stuff.....I saw some funny comments like"My life is a lie"...so here it is...behind the scenes of Casino R... Casino Royale movie clips: http://j.mp/1k5YoTv BUY THE MOVIE: http://j.mp/1POclmf Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP DESCRIPTION... From the movie Casino Royale. A James Bond film. Hey Leute GTA 5 Action, Stuntrennen und vieles mehr erwartet dich in GTA 5 OnlineWenn ihr mal mitspielen möchtet, könnt ihr gerne der Crew der jeweiligen Pla... A short showreel featuring the Urban Heroes athlete Curtis, showing off some of his amazing skills. For more information please go to www.theurbanheroes.com. The most thrilling scene from Casino Royale, where James bond hunts down a parkour.