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[Table] IAmA: I quit my job and am currently following my dream of riding my motorcycle solo 6k miles from SF to NYC and back to experience and document America firsthand. Currently I'm 60% across, one way. AMA!

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Date: 2013-06-18
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Well, it looks like you'll be in Saint Louis soon. If so, you should check out the City Museum. It's downtown, it will be very worth it. Also if you're very hungry and want to eat on the cheap I can make a couple recommendations there. Now for my question, have you brought any tools with you and / or what kind of preventative maintenance have you done on the bike in preparation for this trip? Yes I'm excited for St Louis! What's the best part about the City Museum? For maintenance, I clean and wax the chain, check the lights, and check tire pressure around every 600 miles (more like 800 in reality). I bought a puncture repaire kit and a CO2 gun should I need to temporarily fix a flat — lord help me if it ever actually happens.
It's almost to bad you don't have tube type tires and wheels. Not that fun using spoons to change a tube on the side of the road though, but it would beat being stranded or calling for a really expensive tow. I've had good results with tire patches though. Found a Youtube video of it: Link to www.youtube.com It pretty much looks like the coolest thing ever! Will definitely check it out. Link to www.youtube.com On Thursday nights they ban kids and allow alcohol.
OH! One other thing. Should something go wrong between there and here we have a few shops and a motorcycle salvage yard here in town. Basically, you'd be able to get a part locally that you might have to order otherwise. We do have a Ducati Dealership as well. Good to know. Thanks Reganator! That's part of the worry of driving an Italian bike across the country. Not a lot of available Ducati repair shops...
Had you always planned to set out on your trip alone? How different do you think your experience would be if you were with one or more other people? Link to spiritacrossamerica.com
If I had a buddy with me, we would just be looking up the answer on our phones.
What is the best tasting insect? I'd have to go with rolly pollies. They seem so juicy.
Link to i.imgur.com (gross picture)
Amazing man. I'm from the UK, and i'd love to do this trip. There seems to be such a diversity in the US, I think it'd be amazing. One question, do you also want to do a route along the Pacific Crest Trail after this? Thanks Man. Honestly I had no idea whether I was actually capable of doing this trip—the longest trip I had done before this was 700 miles on a 3-day weekend. I thought to myself if I make it to NYC and don't want to ride all the way back, I'll sell the bike there and fly home, but after 2,333 miles under my belt for this trip I know I can do it. I'd definitely be down for the Pacific Crest Trail. Especially because it's not too far from San Francisco.
Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your adventure, and any that follow it! You, too Connerbill!
Whats the most inspirational thing, person, or event youve seen so far? This quote by Hunter S. Thompson: "Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?"
One other thing that I learned has to do with the fact that cool stuff you have never seen is closer than you think. I learned I can do roughly 450-500 miles a day easy, 600 miles pushing it—but once I finish this trip I won't need to. Reno for example is only 217 miles (or 3 hours drive) from San Francisco and was actually a really neat place full of art and nice people not just casinos. We're always looking to fly to far off lands when we should be looking at what's around just 3 hours away.
Forgive the paraphrasing, but didnt hst also say "there are two kinds of motorcycle riders, those who have gone over the high, and those who have yet to go over the high side." Oh I've already high sided before. That was the 1st year. I'm hoping that means I've passed that life lesson. Though I do believe one should always ride with fear as their passenger.
What's been the hardest aspect of the trip so far? Early on it was the wind. I'm used to driving for 30 minutes - 1 hr at a time in the city back at home and never wore earplugs even though people recommend it. I think the first big leg of the trip from Reno to Salt Lake City was the worst in terms of wind — Nevada desert AND the flat dry lakebed of Utah. I could still hear the wind in my ears an hour after I got off my bike. It really is the silent killer. Now I wear earplugs or in-ear headphones with music for a few hours (until they get uncomfortable and I put the earplugs back in.)
The wind is also crazy in terms of blowing you off the road or in another lane. Its not as bad since I've left Nevada/Utah but every now and then I get a good gust. You especially need to be aware when passing or being passed by a big freight truck. They bring the wind gust down to 0MPH for a few seconds as they pass you and then it jumps up suddenly.
The trick is the wind can knock around your head but not your bike—which mine is about 450lbs. If you ride too stiff then when the wind moves your head around your arms move your bike around. You need to disconnect those two things, relax your neck and your arms—you ride more comfortably that way, anyways.
This all might sound pretty terrifying but it becomes second nature.
The other aspect is the necessity of pulling over when needed to adjust. If you cross a state line and it suddenly gets colder because you're up in the mountains or the wind is going under your glove and bothering you or you have a dark visor on (when it was sunny) and it's dark now—you need to pull over and change it / fix it. Don't delay because you'll get sick from being too hot / cold or you'll crash from not being able to see with a dark visor, etc. Also sometimes I just want to check my email or see if I have any txts. I'm too much of a tech junkie.
Lastly, sometimes my throttle hand gets tired and I switch on the mechanical cruise control. That shit is scary and I usually only use it for 5-15 minutes at a time on straight roads to give my hand a brake.
TLDR: The wind and pulling over when I know I should.
How many miles per gallon are you getting on that hog? I get about 40MPG or so. My tank only holds about 5 gallons so I need to refuel every 2 hours or so which is a good time for a break anyways. I generally do 2-3 fillups per day. I also have two small MSR backup canisters of gas that will give me about a measly 14 miles but saved me at least once during the trip so far.
Also a Mulsitrada isn't' really a hog. Wikipedia says it best "Essentially the bike is a hybrid of a supermoto and a sport touring motorcycle. Its upright riding position gives it a stronger appeal for those who like touring but want something lighter than a touring bike." The word Multistrada is Italian for "many roads" as the bike is designed to handle asphalt as well as some unpaved surfaces.
I shall accept the term though because most long trekkers ride hogs. :)
Very interesting! I only used the term Hog because I had that scene from dumb and dumber in my head. Hilarious! Link to www.youtube.com
What sort of maintenance or reliability issues have you had with your first generation Multi, if any? This is a GREAT question. First gen Multistradas are known to have gas leaks due to tank expansion because apparently in Europe they don't put 10% ethanol in their gas. I don't know if we do that in California but in most every state I've been to outside of Cali I see stickers on the gas tank that says "Uses up to 10% ethanol". It worries me some, but so far no problems with that.
I did have this problem with my rear brake light "burning" out every 700-1k mile or so. It's due to the vibration of the bike. The lightbulb is actually really difficult to replace, you have to get to screws in weird positions and takes like 10 mins to get the case off so instead of worrying about that I opted to replace the whole backend with an single LED system I installed myself right before the trip...
Turns out the new system is not water proof and when it rains some of the LEDs went out (they came back on when it was dry). I had to duck tape the sucker in the rain. Never buy motorcycle parts on Amazon...
Link to i.imgur.com
Edit: Fix image link.
Congrats on your bike choice, by the way. I don't know many people in USA that ride Ducati. If they ride a European bike at all, it's often for nostalgia reasons, so they go for Triumph Bonnies or Royal Enfield or some café racer custom build. Ducatis are quite popular in the Bay Area of California but not out here. People comment on it all the time.
Since there's a lot more to be seen on local highways than there are on limited access freeways, are you mostly driving down them or are you taking interstates? Great question. I say its about 90% interstate when I'm driving. Some people ride to enjoy the twisty roads, I also enjoy the twisty roads but am more fascinated by actual towns and cities (and it's people). The freeways take you there. Once I reach a city then I will explore the outskirts and an occasional trail.
Link to 25.media.tumblr.com
Here is a pano from a country road in Kansas: Link to 25.media.tumblr.com
TLDR: I do like to take the side roads but at the same time I'm trying to keep the trip around a month.
Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a really interesting journey! Stay safe out there and best of luck. Thanks Corey_Howard! Will keep postin' updates!
These photos are absolutely beautiful...i'm still in high school but i've always dreamed of buying a harley and doing a cross-country motorcycle trip. i see all these photos of places that i've never been and i think that's what inspires me. Follow your dream and travel not only in the USA but all around the world whenever you get the chance! It is the best thing a person can do to be a well rounded person.
With riding so many miles in a day, how do you make sure to take time to "experience and document America" as opposed to just riding from point A to point B? I get up really early. I try to get up at 7am and do 150 miles or more before breakfast. I try to pack and prep everything before bed so all I have to do is brush up, put the bags on the bike, and go in the morning.
It doesn't always work out that way, though. Sometimes I snooze to 9am and am out by 10am. Those days, if I'm really looking forward to visiting that city, I will stay for a whole extra day there. Every now and then I just do a 300 mile day. Break day for me and more time in town.
Also, to help be flexible I usually book my AirBnB like 8 hours ahead of time. I get cheap places with interesting people that are $40-65 a night. I figure I could always get a motel if it doesn't work out and so far it hasn't failed me yet. In fact, it has been pretty crucial in helping me make new local friends (and their friends) fast.
Ya'll are just full of great questions!
Ah! Which one? North city or Manchester location? I actually live just a few blocks from the Manchester store. Manchester! Come have lunch with me so I can interview you for my blog!
Lol, I'll see if I can make it. Stomach is a little messed up at the moment from a diet change, trying to get back in shape after a rough to of it at school. Give me just a few to take a shower and hop on the bike. Ok, we could always meet up after lunch, too if that's better. I got space on my moto if you have an extra bike/moto helmut. Also I've been in this line for over an hour. Crazy!
Wow. I've never actually eaten at that place but my fiancé has. Had no idea they would be so busy for a weekday lunch. Sounds good. Will PM you my info! Great hanging with ya @Reganator! Link to i.imgur.com Hit me up whenever you're in SF and we shall do the same!
As far as the bike goes, no problem. I've got a helmet and my own bike to go with it. I'll see where you are after I hop out of the shower.
What was your job back in San Francisco? And also, what do you plan on doing upon your return? Thanks Tumblr makes things look simple and beautiful. So glad I didn't set up a Wordpress instead.
I was the technical lead and CTO of a startup that was doing well. I found a good replacement for me before I left.
I plan to try my hand at being an independant developer and making iPhone apps.
I've always wanted to do this! quick question, are you using a gps? maps? how do you read the gps if you are on a motorcycle? I have a Garmin Zumo 650 motorcycle GPS. I wired it into my battery so I don't need to worry about it's battery and it's also waterproof and drop resistent. I must have dropped it on the ground a dozen times and it's still going strong. It's also touch sensitive with a gloved finger. It can even pair with one of those intercom headsets you can place inside your helmet, which I currently do (scala rider g2, I think). It's by far not a perfect GPS—so bad in so many ways, but it's the best thing out there right now. It's pretty old now and still wicked expensive and there have been newer versions of it that have come out but the reviews of the new stuff is far worse than this guy so I keep using it.
I also use an iPhone with in-ear headphones and Google Maps / Apple maps as a backup. When in the city, sometimes its easier just to type the name of a place or tell Siri to do it and get voice directions. For longer trips I like the Garmin as I like to physically see how much distance is left to go.
What do you plan to do after you've finished your trip? I want to try my hand at making useful iPhone apps. Just visions in my head for now (and in my notebook). If it doesn't work out then I'd get a "real job" again.
This trip has actually given me a lot of time to think about that.
Did you have a couple possible or likely jobs lined up before you left? And what area were you working in before your trip? I've been wanting to do a trip like this sometime in the future but I don't know how easy it would be considering the job situation. I've been wanting to do this trip for a long time, too! I saved up enough money to last me about 2 years. When I get back I'm going to learn Objective-C and build my own iPhone apps for money. If that doesn't work out and I run out of money I'll find a "real job".
Part of my last job involved growing the company and it was hella hard as the market is dry. All the gaming companies have hires up all the good guys. I know of one gaming company that isn't even well known that grew from 115 devs to 300 in about one year. I think I'm a good dev and could find a quality job if I tried. Who knows though!
As someone who has never driven a car (or taken drivers ed) but wants a motorcycle (sort of like yours), what advice would you give? Is the process of getting a motorcycle hard, and what is it like? How do you keep it from being stolen? I love the rain, how are motorcycles in the rain? Any other tips? Take the MFS (Motorcycle Saftey Foundation) course. It's a 3-day class, one day in the classroom and 2 days on the street. You come in knowing nothing and come out as a motorcyclist. Its in pretty much every city and at least in California you don't have to take the road test, just the written one if you pass.
What's more is that your insurance may discount you for taking the course and a lot of motorcycle gear shops will give you 15% off if you bring in your passing certificate. Moto gear is expensive!
As for rain, it sucks. In SF i just ride through it but here on the open road I pull over and take a break or even get a motel if I know its going to be a few hours. Rain is usually not too much of a problem driving-wise. Just takes a little longer to stop and to start. Unless its really pouring and blocking visibility or cold out. I just don't like having wet gear.
Hope that helps!
What was riding on the salt flats like? How fast did you go, and for how far? Link to spiritacrossamerica.com
Next door to this place, in the middle of nowhere is the Salt Flats Cafe. A mexican restaurant. For $7 you get A LOT and it's good!
Link to spiritacrossamerica.com
Please disregard this question if you've already answered it. Where do you sleep when you're not staying with relatives or friends? I answered this as part of another answer but it's ok. I usually book AirBnB's about 8 hours ahead of time. It's a website that lets you stay in an extra room or sometimes a whole house of a local stranger (I like to think of them as friends I haven't met yet.)
They generally have reviews and pics so you know what you're getting in to. I usually pay about $40-65 a night for 'em and some of them have been really nice, artistic, or unusual. They are also critical for me in making new friends quickly. Much better than staying in clean and sterile motels at each city that all look and feel the same.
What's your favorite subway sandwich? 6-inch meatball on italian herbs and cheese bread with american cheese and lettuce, toasted. I try to avoid fast foods though. Don't want that motorcycle gut.
I want to know what you did to get ready to have you butt in the saddle for this long? I did a 500 mile ride once and it wreaked me. Be safe and watch out for deer in the wooded areas. My seat is pretty comfy but I do change up my riding positions every now and then and take a break about every two hours. So far the only achy part has been my back occasionally. I also do a lot of stretches when I'm off the bike. Thanks, I fear retarded deer and have a deer whistle on the front wheel fairing!
I swapped out my original seat and got one from Corbin. It was well built and the support was outstanding. The guy I bought my bike from on CL three years ago was a long distance guy and he tricked the bike out with comforts. I'm pretty sure I have an aftermarket seat. I also installes a USB port myself for charging.
How many sets of tires do you plan on going thru? I have no idea about tires but I replaced them both a year before this trip and I think they'll last the entire trip. I check my whole bike out every 6-800 milea in any case!
The USB ports are sweet hook up on a bike! I currently have an 1992 DR 650 dual sport with the stock seat but it is one of those thick foam deals. It did the job on a 100 mile ride thru the mountian trails. The USB thing is relatively easy since it's 12v just like your battery.
I want to Honda Goldwing and do a trip up PCH to Washington then over to Montana, down to back of the Rockies and home thru the Grand Canyon. I did it in a car when I as 18 and had a blast. Trip idea sounds like a blast!
What would you rather encounter in the middle of the night on a lonely stretch of road while taking a pee break; 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck? 100 duck sized horses. I'd be afraid a horse sized duck would knock over my bike.
I'd probably put 1 duck sized horse in my top case to give to my brother in Louisville.
But then you would leave only 99 duck sized horses. That would collapse the universe. Some people just want to watch the world burn...
But not me. In that case I'd put the horse back!
What has been the general cost of everything (gas, lodging, food etc.) for this trip? I know you're not done, but based on what you've done so far and what you've budgeted for, how much is it looking like this will cost total? Hi, I wrote this out in detail in another comment response. Sorry can't link it, on my phone. :)
I think about doing this every single day of my life, except on a bicycle. As for the bicycle. Do it up bro and if you need advice or feedback hit me up. I've only done 100k in Death Valley in my cycling days but it was awesome. I'm sure a bicycle would be a whole other experience and you should blog about it. I know I would read it. Definitely wear a Camelbak.
How long did it take you to finally flip the table ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻\ and say "screw it. I'm out of here," and did you feel more liberated or panicked after you had done so? I'm glad I'm doing it and with so much done I feel good that I'm actually going to be ok. It's still a little scary to think I'm not even halfway done but when I'm actually on the bike I feel less scared and more confident and I've seen some really cool shit. The fact that people actually read the blog inspires me, too. Really makes me feel I'm not doing this by myself and that we're sharing this experience together.
Seems like an awesome trip and a life-defining experience. However, if it were me, I'd be heading through Central America and ideally into South America. Did you ever consider something like this with a more international flair? I think realistically if I don't die or get severely injured on this trip that in a year or two I will have the hankering of doing just that or even going north through Canada to Alaska.
This is a great first big trip as everyone speaks English and food, gas, and ATM machines are bountiful. Not sure what to expect on those other trips.
I hear you but those aspects are exactly what make that kind of travel rewarding in its own way. Good luck to you though! Indeed! Once I conquer one challenge I shall need a harder one and that sounds about right.
I'm 30 next months, can I come and join you on your next trip? way to go for living the dream! Thanks 30 is where its at. We have to live some of our dreams before we have kids. You can join me but you have to book all the cool AirBnBs and help plan good routes!
How much have you budgeted for the trip, and did you budget well? Happy travels! Thanks! I just answered this in detail in another question. Sorry I'm on my phone and don't know how to link it!
I second that: The City Museum is amazing! And St. Louis is a great small city. I'm moving there next month actually. I regret the rainstorm that prevented me to spend twice the amount of time there. Will try to see a lot there tomorrow!
Hey, another cross-country road tripper! We're traveling around giving away free pie. If our paths cross, we'd love to swap road stories and give you food. We'll be in Little Rock June 26th and OKC June 29th. Awesome. Our paths may very will cross, my schedule is so flexible I'm not sure where I will be at any current time but I will PM you should I be near those cities on those dates. Ride safely and enjoy!
Why not just take 2 weeks for off. The trip was going to take at least a month (probably 5 weeks now from the looks of it) but I'm actually going to start working for myself when I return.
When in Kansas, be sure and stop by for the tree. You mean stop at any tree? Or is The Tree a place?
Kansas has a tree, somewhere. Done!
What will you do when youve completed your dream. Get a new one. ;)
When you get to New Haven, you really ought to go to Pepe's pizza. Anyone who tells you to go to Sally's is a heathen (even though it's still pretty damn good). Thanks! I will have to try them both and compare!
How much in total will this trip cost you. I'm not exactly sure. I spend about $13 in gas per fillup every 180 miles or so. 6,500 miles / 180 = 36.1 fillups = $469 in gas.
AirBnB's go from $40-65 (at least the ones I use) so we'll average at $55. At an estimated 30 days for this trip about 1/4 of the time I woll be staying at friends or family = 23 days I'm paying. 23 days * $55 = $1265.
Food really fluctuates but I'll say I spend $7-12 dollars per meal (It's my vacation ok?). But I usually only eat 2-3 meals a day with some light snacking. Factoring days I'm with people the food is free = 23 days * 2.5 meals a day = 58 meals * $10 = $580.
Plus $40 in water and other supplies I'm buying here and there. $40 in souvenirs.
So total is: $469 gas $1265 rent $580 food $80 misc = $2394 estimate total for most expenses of the trip.
Someome can double check those numbers as I'm on my phone in St Louis. Waiting in line for Sweetie Pie's restaurant.
Then there's the $500 I spend tuning the bike up for the trip. And the x amount of dollars I'm paying for rent for my apartment at home for a month I'm not there. When I reach NYC I will need to do a 30k maintenance on the bike which I don't know how much it will be.
Hope that sheds some light!
NYC is a must for a trip like this. But just be careful, people drive VERY fast over here. Yeah and switch lanes fast! Especially those crazy taxis. I am prepared, I think.
Well then, guess all I can say is thanks for living my dream for me! Thanks for your recommendations, seriously! I will hope to visit those places one day.
Do you have any Naruto stickers on your motorcycle? Can't say that I do POOPING_BUTT_FACE.
How do you plan to remedy this? I'm putting them on my bike as we speak...
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