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CHIP/TOKEN DESTRUCTION PLAN (REGULATION 12.070) (Continuation Form) CHIP/TOKEN INFORMATION: CT # or Photo (*) Description Denomination Quantity Total Value (Denomination x Quantity) Destruction Plan Totals: *)(All discontinued chips/tokens must be further identified with either a Board issued CT # or a color photo (front/back). In order to properly dispose of chips, a casino is required to consult with a board-approved disposal company. At times, the disposal company can be the same one that manufactured the chips. Expired chips are loaded into a truck and crushed by a tumbler into dust. Gaming regulators are required to be present in order to run an audit and to witness the actual destruction. Destruction of old Casino Chips/Playing Cards; On-Site Shred Bins and Totes: Our high capacity consoles will reduce your footprint, improve record security, and increase office productivity. Pioneer offers both on-site and off-site destruction to best fit your company’s needs. SHREDINATOR BIN. Slim, discreet and fits in any office space. Capacity: Up to 70 lbs (32kg) Three sizes available: 24″, 27″ & 30 12.080 Destruction of counterfeit chips and tokens. 12.090 Promotional and tournament chips and tokens. 12.100 Other instrumentalities. 12.010 Definitions. As used in this regulation: 1. “Book” means a race book or sports pool licensed and approved pursuant to chapter 463 of NRS. 2. Except as otherwise provided, “chairman” means the chairman of the state gaming control board or his Millions of casino chips have been taken out of Las Vegas resorts this year by tourists and local visitors. Hundreds of thousands more expire when a casino, like the Las Vegas Club, closes. Casino Product Destruction. Playing Cards, Poker Chips, Dice, Casino Vouchers, and Gaming Equipment. With more than 70 years’ experience, Whitaker Brothers knows that data destruction is more than just shredding paper. Different industries require more specialized solutions to their data destruction needs. In the casino and gaming industry, it’s not just paper that needs to be destroyed Established in July 1999, Secure Mobile Destruction's focus was to fill a void in the destruction of casino chips, tokens and other secure items. To accomplish this task, Secure Mobile Destruction's 51' self-contained semi-trailers allow performing the destructions at the casino's doorstep, relieving the client of the expense and security problems of transportation of valuable property. Secure Why must a gaming regulator be present upon the destruction of chips? The Early Days. In the 21st century, it's pretty difficult to imagine a casino without chips. They're ever present icons of gambling, rattling through slot machines, clicking between each other in the hands of players, however Nevada, the heart of gaming today, only legalised gambling in 1931 once prohibition ended. Before CASINO & GAMING CHIPS DESTRUCTION. Home > CASINO & GAMING CHIPS DESTRUCTION. Heavy-duty, high-speed, destruction device for gaming chips and jetons designed to meet and exceed the unique demands of the gaming industry. For more information: Call us on 1300 859 471 or Email us on [email protected] MS3000 G . MORE INFO. PERSES CARD AND DICE SHREDDER . MORE INFO. Clients The authentic experience that casino chips give to the player whether playing blackjack or poker, combined with the security and business bonuses they offer the house, mean that we’re unlikely to see the end of them anytime soon. In general play, chip values range between $1 and $5000, with chip colours and denominations varying from place to place. Denominations of over $5,000 are generally

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